Strategic procurement management training in Abuja Nigeria

Strategic Procurement Management course in Abuja Nigeria is designed to equip students  with basic to  advanced skills to ensure that they keep up with trends regarding the shift from operational buying to strategic procurement.

The goal is to help them to create a competitive advantage for their company, this course Strategic procurement management training in Abuja Nigeria focuses on providing an in-depth overview of the framework, principles, and tools needed to embed category-based procurement in any organization in Nigeria and the world at large

Strategic procurement management training in Abuja Nigeria

Reasons to attend this Strategic procurement management training in Abuja Nigeria

Procurement function plays an important and vital role in the overall business spectrum and operations of an organization, helping them to add value and maximize savings.  Organizations must recognize Procurement as Value partner.

This course— procurement training in Abuja Nigeria will  equip you with the capacity to develop management and strategic skills in procurement. Organizations will depend on you to help them ensure a controlled and auditable response to external influences and ensure that procurement and contract objectives are met every year. You will have the required knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively manage company and project procurement functions. 

 Many businesses in Nigeria have always encouraged reactive procurement management which hurts profitability  and corporate governance . This result to extensive delays, high cost and abandoned projects. Most importantly, contract expenditures are in excess of 60 percent of company revenue in most sectors of the economy. The Strategic procurement management training in Abuja is designed to tackle these issues and more.

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The course will enable you to:

  • Learn the skills and tools for efficient/effective procurement management
  • Develop skills in a strategic process of procurement;
  • Improve the procurement process to delivery;
  • Apply the skills/tools to improve organization procurement
  • Learn to apply specific skills in different contexts.
  • Assess collaborative forms of working: partnering, alliances, and joint ventures;
  • Demonstrate the capacities for evaluation of project constraints and the management of risk.
  • Understand the Importance and positioning of Procurement in an organization
  • Learn about the Practices and processes involved in driving compliant procurement in the organization
  • Familiarize with all the components of Procurement and Sourcing across Manufacturing, Projects and Service sectors
  • Learn about Essential skills and mindsets that are necessary to manage different procurement models across sectors
  • Get more insights into the importance of building credibility and practice procurement leadership

You will also learn

  • Making Buy or Build Decisions
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Types of Procurement Contracts
  • Contract Terms and Documents
  • Delivery Terms –
  • Procurement Activities and Documents
  • Basics of Dispute Resolution
  • Earned Value Management

Strategic procurement management Training Delivery Methods