Thin Clients

Would you like to cut cost and reduce the money your organization spends on computers and at the same time have a set of computers that work and perform perfectly?
Most of the time we get questions like
How possible is it to connect upto 40 users or monitors and have them working perfectly using just one computer or Central Processing Units (CPU)?
Yes, it is 100% possible using Computer   Thin Client!!!

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With computer thin client, your organization or School will be able to
·      Cut PC acquisition costs by 70%.
·      Reduce IT complexity drastically.
·      Cuts electrical consumption by 90%.
·      Minimize risk of theft.
·      Increase security from viruses and malware.
·      Reduction in IT operations costs by 65%.
·      Decline in hardware and software costs by 75%
You can’t even compare the size with PC, it gives your more space and does not generate heat

thin client

If an organization has up to 5 PCs and above, any time new software or upgrade is needed, the IT person needs to work on all the PCs and install them one after the other, there by charging your organization higher amount and you will need as many software license as there are computers in your office or school, But with computer Thin Clients, all he needs to work on is just one PC, the server and the cost will be low and one license in most software that will be installed Call us today for more explanation and demonstration. The IT world is moving and changing so fast. Join the trend and stop losing money because of your lack of information

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