ASUU strike: How Students can develop themselves in this digital age.

Here are things every student can do to develop himself or herself, build a wonderful career for a better future in this digital age.


The Nigerian education system keeps frustrating ambitions and aspirations with the frequent culture of disruptions to the process of acquiring knowledge. The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) recently announced a one-month warning strike to ensure the government stops reneging on agreements with the union. Recently, they extended this warning strike by two months.

Sadly, it’s the second industrial action in less than two years. The last one lasted upto one year. The latest episode calls for concern and a rethink; this is the 16th strike since Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999. Despite these actions, there is little to show for it. Disturbing right.

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Computer Appreciation | Desktop Publishing Training

Get started in ICT and Computer world  with Computer Appreciation and desktop publishing, Microsoft Packages, etc

Computer Literacy and Office Productivity Training

Learn office management and productivity skills and applications that you need to succeed in the modern office environment

Advanced Microsoft Office Package Training

Learn Advanced Microsoft office  Features in this practical hands-on training. Become an expert and learn to use Microsoft office like a pro.

Diploma In Website Design And Development

This Web design and development training takes you from beginning to advanced level. It is practical hands-on training where you build a functioning and real website before you graduate.

CMS Web Specialist: WordPress Web Design

Learn how to build a beautiful and professional WordPress website that looks great on all devices without learning how to code and without any programming! No experience required

E-Commerce Web Design And Development Training

Master how to build a professional eCommerce website with payment integration from the beginning to advanced. How to Market any e-commerce website, attract paying customers. 

Front-end Web Design and Development

Get started with website design and development. Learn how to design and develop a responsive front-end website from scratch.

Back-end Web design and Development

Learn how to design and develop an advanced database website using our back-end web development training.

Full-stack Website Development

Become an expert in both front-end and back-end website design and development using PHP, MySQL, Laravel framework.

Graphics Design Training

This Graphic Design Training Course in Abuja will open up the world of digital graphic design and image editing that will help you expand your skillset. It is one of the hottest skills in the market

Video Editing Training

With the growth of digital video in the last few years, professional editing has now become a must-have skill set for any growing company or individual. Become a professional video editor today

Motion Graphics/2D Animation

If you are looking for a motion graphics training school in Abuja that can provide quality and practical 2D animation and motion graphics training, then you have come to the right place.

Practical UI/UX DESIGN Training

This practical UI / UX design training course in Nigeria opens the door to a skill that is in high demand globally and with a good salary for you

Product Branding and 3D Design

This Product Branding and 3D Design using Adobe Dimension CC make it easy for graphic designers to create high-quality, photorealistic 3D images. It composites 2D and 3D assets to build product shots, scene visualizations, and abstract art.

Adobe Character Animator CC training

Adobe Character Animator CC lets you animate any Photoshop or Illustrator file using your face and voice with your computer’s webcam and microphone, making performance capture animation fun and accessible.

Digital Marketing Training-Basic to Advanced

Enroll in our Practical online Marketing Training-Learn how to build a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy to attract new customers and increase sales and grow any type of business

Social Media marketing

With the growth of digital video in the last few years, professional editing has now become a must-have skill set for any growing company or individual. Create powerful brand awareness, Go viral, and attract paying customers using social media marketing!

Social Media Management & Digital Consultant

Enroll in this Course today; Become A Social Media Manager & Get Your Dream Job Faster or Become a freelance social media manager and get clients from abroad |Start a digital consultant business

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This is what you need to do now

Digital skills have become so important in this digital age. Why not use this period to learn an ICT and computer skill that will help you now and in the future?  In everything you do today, you need one ICT and computer skill or the other.

Almost every job requires you to have computer skills. To start a successful business in this digital age, you need to have good knowledge of digital skills like digital marketing. Even in your academic activities, if you have digital skills, you will do better than most of your coursemates.

It will interest you to know that many students are learning ICT and computer skills and doing wonders with them. A good example is Mss Aisha who learned website design and development including digital marketing at Bizmarrow Technologies. She first built her website during the training and right now she is training her fellow youth in the university and outside the university on ICT and computer skills

Get the best out of this strike period by learning a new digital skill, you don’t need to wait anymore, take action today and build a wonderful future for yourself.

Here are things every student can do to build a wonderful career for a better future in this digital age.

It’s time to Turn this threat to your future into an opportunity.

As a student, you may not have control over how long the strike will last, but you have control over what you can do and achieve within the strike period.

Don’t let Nigeria’s educational system and its problem destroy your future.

You need to know that there are so many ways to build a wonderful and great future in this digital age even without a university degree.

Some people that already have this degree are still roaming the street jobless. This period is an opportunity to learn new skills that are in high demand and build yourself for a better future.

Bizmarrow Advantage.

A trainer is assigned to each student for training, monitoring, and making sure the student understands and acquires the skill he/she registered for. Our classes are not crowded classrooms

Our project-based learning where you are given a project to work on at every stage of your training ensures you learn, practice, build and create what you are learning before you graduate..

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