Scholarship on digital skills training in Abuja Nigeria

These digital skills will help you get the type of job you want or apply them in your business and grow it.

Welcome to Bizmarrow Technologies’ Scholarship on digital skills in Abuja Nigeria > 10 Years Anniversary Edition

2022 scholarship on Digital Skills for Nigeria Youths


Get practical hands-on training on digital marketing( SEO), website design certification.

2022 NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP ON ICT AND COMPUTER SKILLS is organized to provide Scholarship assistance to deserving youths in Nigeria – School Leavers, Non-Graduate, Under Graduates, Graduates, Individuals who want to enhance their technical skill-sets, and Nigerian students in general who aspire to build a career in I.T.

This 2022 scholarship on Digital Skills for Nigeria Youths is a partially funded scholarship to empower Nigerian youths with digital skills.


2nd batch Training Venue And Date

VENUE : Our new training center at Millennium plaza opposite NNPC Towers, Central Business District Abuja.

DATE : Training starts on April 6th, 2022

What will participants learn in this 2022 scholarship on Digital Skills for Nigeria Youths in Abuja training

website design boocampt training Nigeria

Learn to build functional websites for companies and organizations.

This section will take you from the beginning of website design. From how to register a domain name and host it, how to create a professional website, how to secure your website and how to launch your website.


Learn how to attract paying customers to your website from Google. .

It will start from Business and customer research and analysis, Learn how to make your website appear on Google search and attract customers paying customers. SEO On-page optimization.


Here, you will learn how to make money from your skill and Knowledge.

Most people learn new digital skills and abandon them because they don’t know how to make money from them. Let me show you how to monetize your skills.

Whatsapp automation training

WhatsApp Automation secret

>Learn how to Upload excel files with names and numbers to WhatsApp and send messages to them at once

> Schedule Whatsapp messages to so many people for future delivery at the same time.

>Send bulk WhatsApp messages to so many people at the same time with just one click without having their number on your phone or them having your number in their contact list

>Send personalized messages. The bulk WhatsApp message will go to each of the recipients with their personal names

> Download the Delivery report to know who got your message and who did not get it.

email marketing training

Email marketing secret

Send bulk & Personalize Emails, that goes out with each recipient’s name

Learn how to use your website email like and send email inside Gmail

Email tracking reports – Track opens, clicks, replies.

Schedule emails in Gmail which will be sent out with your website email as the sender

ebook creation training

We will show you how to create a professional Ebook and how to create digital products using ebooks.

If you can create Ebook, then you can create multiple digital products and make money from them. It will be also easier to monetize your skills using ebooks.

Social media page revamping

Learn how to revamp your Instagram account and make it look attractive

This teaches you how to use CANVA to create wonderful images to revamp your Instagram pages

Learn how to create free Avatar to boost your social media engagement

Avatar Maker Training

Learn how to create a free Avatar to boost your social media engagement

smartphone video and graphics editing training in Abuja Nigeria

Let us teach you smartphone/ Laptop video editing and graphic design skills.

This part of the training is always captivating as you will learn how to create stunning videos and graphics design using your smartphone/laptop. You are getting all the software free.


Cost per participant

Normal Cost of this training


Scholarship cost: What every participant will pay


Duration: 3 weeks

Training starts on April 6th  2022

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Training starts on April 6th, 2022


Suite b106 first-floor block B Millennium plaza opposite NNPC Towers, Central Business District Abuja. Bizmarrow Technologies

The aim of this 2022 scholarship on Digital Skills for Nigeria Youths is to help more Nigerian youths to create a career path as digital marketing and web design consultant. Don’t miss this scholarship opportunity

The training is purely practical and it’s career-based training, which means the participant will not just learn the skills but will also learn how to set up a business or get their dream job using the skills they have learned.

Celebrating 10 years of Digital Skills Training & Empowerment in Africa

All participants will get 6 months after training support

6 months after training support

The purpose of this scholarship opportunities in Abuja is not just to offer training, but to help each participant to develop themselves and use the skills they learnt to get a high paying job or to start their own business. During the six month support, they will be encouraged and guided on the best way to make use of what they learn


This is an opportunity any person who really wants to grow in this digital age needs either as a business owner, employee, or job seeker. If you have a business, the knowledge of digital marketing, website design, etc helps you to attract more customers and make more sales.

As a job seeker, it helps you to become a hot cake in the labor market. Companies are now in great need of website designers and digital marketing professionals to take their business online