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In this 21st century, You don’t just need a training, you need a career path training i.e a combination of training and skills,that give you all you need to start a successful career either as an employee or as an employer


For the past two  years,  BiZmarrow Technologies has been carrying out an extensive research into Nigerian academic qualification and career paths. (HOW EASY OR DIFFICULT IT IS TO GET A JOB WITH NIGERIAN ACADEMIC CERTIFICATES)

 Unfortunately we discovered that there is a mismatch between what Nigerian youths study in our institutions of higher learning  and the job they finally get, if they do at all.

 As a result, we have come up with career paths training and programs where we help you choose a career path and  be job ready or to set up your own business, no matter your level of education.

 What makes this program different from our other training programs is that it is made up of different courses , which are combined to form a career path training program . and when they are learnt together, they help the individual to become a complete solution provider in a choosing  career.

The success we have seen in the few students that have enrolled shows that this is the solution to  job, career and empowerment problems facing Nigeria.

Most students go to schools or enroll in training without knowing what they will become after the training or schooling. This is one big problem our career paths programs tend to solve. Before you enroll, our career paths guardian and counselor would have discussed with you to identify the best career path for you and what you will become after your training.

From experience we have seen that most students in our career path training are mentally and psychologically ready for the career even before their training.

During the training, real life projects and experiences will be used , the mentorship and motivational  sections of the training will make sure you practice what you have learnt either as an employee or entrepreneur.

Students are motivated to see that it’s possible to achieve their dreams, and they are encouraged to do more, when they see others doing it and achieving results

Here is a story of most Nigerian Youths

Musa  loves website designing and helping businesses come online , and would want to start a career as a website designer, he heads off  to learn web design in one of the training institutes in town, he enrolls into one of their courses.

After few  months, our dear  Musa is done with his training and now ready to go out there and start  making money by  helping businesses have an online presence.

Within a short period, he gets his first website design job and was so happy to get started,

The happiness was short lived as the website owner supplied him group of websites with mind blowing graphics designs and images and told him:

“please let our sites look like these with unique graphics design and images  and don”t download images from google”.


Its dawned on Musa that he needs to learn graphics design to succeed as a website designer

But there is Job at hand, so Musa called his friend who is into graphics design to help him out. The guy came and collected part of the money he would have made and provided the graphics .

Musa managed to finish the website with little profits .

After handing over the website, the  website owner called Musa and told  him to submit quotation  for the implementation of digital marketing on the website so that its will appear as number one on search engines and also manage their social media presence,

Musa did not do Digital marketing and does not know how to go about it.

Musa lost the offer

The website he designed was giving to a WEB AND DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT  to manage and implement digital marketing

SHOCK NUMBER 2—Musa then realized that what he needed to become was not just a website designer — but a web and digital marketing consultants to have a promising career path

Why did Musa go through all these? because he was not properly guided on how to choose a career path.

Instead of going for website design training alone, it could have paid him more if he had gone for a career path training like web and digital marketing consultant which involves learning a group of skills like web design , graphics and digital marketing together.

Don”t be like musa, don”t just learn a skill, choose a career path today.

In this age, having a degree or certificate is no longer enough , if you want to have a career path that can help you achieve your dream either as an employee or an employer in a particular industry or sector,  you must acquire practical skills that involve a combination of training.

Unfortunately, these skills are not taught in the university and even when they are taught, they are not practical and hence cannot prepare students for the real life work environment.

This has made so many graduates in Nigeria unemployable

We bring to you, combination of training and skills that will get you started

Below are our career path training courses in Abuja

>Digital Marketing Consultant

If you are dreaming to become a successful digital marketing consultant , Our training will make you well-versed and familiar with the following digital marketing trends:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  •  Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Paid Marketing (Google Adwards, FB, Twitter, Linkedin)

  •  Branding & Reputation management

  •  Youtube & Video Marketing

  • Local & International Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  •  Introduction to Website design (CMS)

  • Introduction to Graphics Design

  • Web Analytics and Reporting

  • Mobile Marketing

>Web Consultant

It provides web design and maintenance services to companies and individuals. They create customized websites that convey their clients’ message in an effective and eye-catching way using graphics, and once the site is up and running, web consultants are often responsible for ensuring that it does not have any technical issues. In addition to computer skills and knowledge, web consultants often have a background in graphic design and possess strong visual and verbal communication skills as well as the following:

  • Web hosting and registration

  • Website design using content management system (CMS)

  • Graphics Design


  • Content Copywriting

>Front end Developer


>Back end Developer


>Mobile application developer–Java technology

>Full Stack Developer


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