Wealth Creation in the Digital Age Training workshop

Learn how to make money online and build wealth using digital skills

Get the right information, knowledge, and strategy on how to create wealth or build passive income in this digital age using your phone, laptop, and internet

Wealth Creation in the Digital Age Training workshop

In this digital age, you can build an online business from the comfort of your home using only a computer and the internet.

If you have the right information, knowledge, and strategy, you can make money from your skills or knowledge using digital skills.

Are you a working class who wants to build a side hustle and make money online while keeping your day job?

Are you a student who wants to start making money online while still in school?

Do you want to make passive income or create multiple streams of income from the internet? Then this Wealth Creation in the Digital Age Training is for you. In this training, you will learn the secrets and steps you need to create wealth in this digital age.

Welcome to the Digital and Knowledge Economy … where your knowledge and skills can make you rich; Where you do not need any “connection or Godfather” to build wealth.

PROGRAM topics

DIGITAL PRODUCT SECRET; How to create, sell & make money from digital products
SKILL /KNOWLEDGE MONETIZATION: How to monetize any knowledge or skill you have
Affiliate marketing training in Abuja Nigeria
AFFILIATE MARKETING SECRET: Making money from other people’s products & services
SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES & Free Google tool you need to create wealth

Other topics that will be covered are :

Copywriting secret: How to write a copy that makes people to buy from you instantly

Information Marketing wealth creation process: Information is money in the digital age. Learn how to make money from information marketing

Ebook Creation Training: How to create amasing and interesting Ebooks with 3D cover

Digital skills in high demand both in & outside Nigeria and how to acquire them

The easiest way to get your dream job and build a career in the digital age.

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Training Details and registration


Suite B106 Millennium Plaza opposite NNPC Towers, Herbert Macaulay Way Central Business District Abuja.


Friday 25th November 2022

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When you Google how to make money online in this digital age, Google will bring so many results, With all these results how come so many people are not making money online….. The answer is simple, The main secret of making money online is not found on Google.

The truth is that those who are making real and GENUINE money online are so busy using their strategies to make more money that they don’t have time to write articles on it. Even those that write will not put all the strategies in one article or video.

Creating genuine and long-lasting wealth online, especially in Nigeria is not that easy, it requires a well-planned strategy with multiple digital skills and consistency. These are what this Wealth Creation in the Digital Age Training Program will unravel, expose, bring to your knowledge and show you how to do it. All that will be needed from you is to take action.