3d design and printing technology training

This 3d design and printing technology training in Abuja Nigeria is a practical hands-on training that teaches you all the basic and advanced topics, technologies, brands, and settings for 3D design and printing

What is 3D printing?

3D printing refers to the manufacturing process that additively forms or creates a physical object from a digital design. There are various 3D printing technologies and materials, and all are based on the same principle that a digital model is reshaped into a solid three-dimensional object by adding layer after layer.

Course Objectives

This course will demonstrate on the working of 3D printers, it will show what people make with it, and examine the 3D printing ecosystem. 3D printing course will also explore the future of it and discuss on how it will revolutionize the world. Upon the completion of this course, students will have a solid understanding of 3D printing, its potential, and the ability to print 3D designs.

In this 3d design and printing technology training in Abuja Nigeria, we elaborate in detail, and in a very practical way the beauty and especially the profitability of 3d printing. Making the student understand and explore available 3d printing technologies as well as practice them, to ensure that the students hone 3d printing skills in a very practical way and profitable way!

In the process of equipping learners with the skills related to 3D printing, we have created a series that gives students an idea about the entire curriculum. At the end of this 3d design and printing technology training in Abuja Nigeria,, you will:

  • Understand the design aspects of the 3D printable file.
  • Know the process of consumer-level 3D printer.
  • Be able to understand the FDM methodology.
  • Know about 3D printing case studies.
  • Be aware of materials available for consumer 3D printing.
3d design and printing technology training in Abuja Nigeria

Who needs this training?

  1. Product Developers
  2. 3D Printer Owners and Prospective owners
  3. Hobbyists and Enthusiasts
  4. Product Designers
  5. Science and Engineering Students

This is a comprehensive course on 3D printing.

It includes basic terminology, printer comparison, techniques, filaments and even used software.

The course is useful both for design and modeling users who hope to know the fundamentals of 3D printing, as well as for entrepreneurs who want to enter the business and need to choose a technique, a printer or advantages of one or another filament.

3D printing revolution is here, are you ready?

All around the world, more and more people are employing 3D printing technologies in various ways. This trend has come to stay and keeps advancing every year as more additive manufacturing technologies come to light. Some call this the ‘Maker’ Revolution, while some refer to this as the 3rd Industrial Revolution, because of the disruptive effect it has on the global manufacturing landscape. It has made it possible for Makers to dream-up bigger and better products and at the same time achieve them faster and cheaper!

3D printing is being employed exhaustively in the Industrial Design field, where new and better products seem to be born every day, the Medical field employs 3d printing technologies exhaustively in the development of prosthetics, dental fixtures and even 3d printed organs like livers, ears and skin.It’s employed extensively in the manufacture of custom jewelry as well as heavy-duty applications like 3D printed cars, jet engines and even buildings!

In summary 3D printing is extensively vast in its application-anywhere you see a new product nowadays, almost certainly, 3D printing was involved. With all these advantages available to us, it is high time we rose up and took advantage of this technology and reap the substantial profits therein!