Adobe Character Animator CC training in Nigeria

Our Adobe Character Animator training in Abuja Nigeria is a practical hands on training where you will learn how to animate a character using your webcam and microphone, Character Animator matches your expressions — from syncing lips to tracking eyes — to animate in real time.

Adobe Character Animator is a motion capture software making use of your webcam, keyboard triggers and audio input to create puppets that can be animated live.

As it’s a relatively new and growing program, there’s a lot that the novice animator can do but isn’t obvious or apparent from the control scheme. 

Advanced Techniques covers many of those tips and tricks, from making backgrounds travel to using video cycles to having emotive eyes with clipping masks and rigging an animal like a horse.

Adobe Character Animator CC training in Nigeria

Learn to create animated characters for your projects with Adobe Character Animator . Adobe Character Animator CC lets you animate any Photoshop or Illustrator file using your face and voice with your computer’s webcam and microphone, making performance capture animation fun and accessible.

With this Character Animator training, Anyone can become an animator

Adobe Character Animator CC training in Nigeria

We’ve designed this Character Animator training course not only for aspiring/professional animators, but also for anyone who wants to use animation in their project, even if they never tried before. Adobe Character Animator levels the playing field by letting you use your webcam and microphone to drive the character performance. No key-framing necessary. This is the EASIEST way to get started with animation, with groundbreaking technology that lets anyone become an animator.

It can be fun as you become the actor.

Your performance can bring a character to life. Using your webcam and microphone, Character Animator matches your expressions — from syncing lips to tracking eyes — to animate in real-time.

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Learn Hoe To Bring Any Characters To Life!

Do you thing that creating and animating your own Illustrator and Photoshop characters or even a character you downloaded online is beyond your reach? Think again. In this Adobe® Character Animator training, we will take you through the basic process of creating, rigging and animating a puppet in Adobe Character Animator, to produce a performance character animation. You’ll learn how to build your puppet, use layers to make animation easier, add advanced movements and then record your first episode of the new character as it comes to life before your very eyes.

You’ll Learn:

  • The Structure and Components of a Character
  • Understanding Scenes
  • Recording and Live Streaming Concepts
  • Create their you motion capture puppets using Adobe Character Animator.
  • Set physics on their animated puppets
  • Record voiceover or sync pre-existing dialogue to their puppet’s mouths

Don’t worry about if you can draw or not or knowing where to start. With our Adobe Character Animator training, we will take you through all the steps you’ll need to create and animate amazing characters! 

Training Delivery Methods

With our live instructor lead online training, you can register for our Adobe Character Animator training in Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt or any other cities in Nigeria and any where in the world and still have the same practical hands-on training from our training professionals.