Computer Maintenance, Engineering and Networking

The Computer Maintenance and Networking program  allows students to quickly gain the skills necessary to enter the information technology job market.

The program provides  relevant technical,  education and applied technical training in the installation, building, operation, maintenance, selection, optimization, programming, and basic electronics of computer systems, networks and associated hardware and software systems, including a general education component through a systematically organized curriculum.

Our Computer Installation and Maintenance courses are designed for people with a basic understanding of how a computer works and who want to gain a nationally recognized qualification.

Units covered vary depending on the course studied, however you might find yourself learning about:

  •  Installing Windows operating system

  •  Installing/upgrading hardware and software applications

  •  Updating drivers

  •  Dismantling and assembling PC’s from a range of components

  •  Preventative maintenance

  •  Creating back-ups

  •  Virus protection

  •  Working in the IT industry

  •  Setting up an IT network

  •  IT support

  •  ICT Fault Diagnosis and Remedy

You will learn from tutors with many years’ teaching and practical experience in these areas.

Courses are done in our center for ICT and computer training Gwarinpa Abuja which are mainly practical in nature and are designed to test the skills and knowledge gained during the course.

Many of our IT courses are progressive, enabling students to enroll onto a higher level upon completion of their course. Please see the individual course information for more details, or if you’re unsure which course is suitable call Student Services on 08088996437 for advice and guidance.


Available courses:

  • Computer Maintenance  (Certificate)

  • Duration 2 Months

  • Computer Maintenance / Engineering (Diploma)

  • Duration 4 Months

  • Computer  Maintenance / Networking (Certificate)

  • Duration 3 months

  • Computer Maintenance /Engineering/ Networking (Diploma)

  • Duration 5 Months

  • Diploma in Networking

  • Duration 2 months


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