Grow your business using digital marketing in Abuja Nigeria

Digital marketing is the 21st century marketing secret of attracting new customers, at the same time maintaining and keeping  the existing ones.

Unfortunately, most business owners don’t really know the best way to  use it to reach more customers and grow their businesses.

Learn How To Grow Your Business Using Digital Marketing

The goal of every business is to always find new ways of getting new customers, keeping the existing ones, making constant sales of their products or services and meeting their growth projection

If the above is your business goal and you are yet to achieve it, then you are in the right place to finding lasting solution to your marketing challenges

Most businesses — yes, even yours — go about marketing, especially digital marketing all the wrong way, some have not even heard or use digital marketing at all, making them to loose most of their prospective customers to competitors who are already using digital marketing

Please read on as we show you tested Digital  marketing strategies with samples and examples that have helped our business and many of our clients businesses in Abuja, Nigeria to achieve great success  and growth, which you can apply in your own business and achieve measurable success

The truth is that most businesses in Nigeria still us the unsatisfactory traditional offline  ways of marketing  Like printing flyers, banners and posters, employing marketers  (foot soldiers ) to be going around every day without having any result to show for it, and this leads to business failure

if  you have used any of these traditional marketing strategies and it didn’t work, you are not alone . we once made such a mistake which failed completely

Here is  our story

When we started Bizmarrow  technologies Ltd 8 years ago, marketing was the most difficult thing we faced,

we printed flyers, posters and banners, employed marketers to move around , instead of receiving calls  and sales request, we saw our flyers littered all over the street,  we even discovered that sometimes, the marketers  will dump our flyers somewhere and come back to tell us they had shared it all. Again most of our flyers were given to people who never needed our services.

Some of the marketers will leave the office for their own personal business and then come back to tell us they went out for marketing  with no result to show for it.

The banners and posters we had along the roads were removed over night, it was like someone took it upon himself to constantly replace our banners with newer ones.

We were spending our capital on marketing which we knew was very important for the business to survive and grow .But there was no increase in sales, no tangible results, the business started dying because we were doing the marketing the wrong way.

All these made us to start searching for a better marketing strategy that brings result, and because we are into Computer and ICT  , it did not take a  long time we discovered digital marketing. Good enough, some of our mentors were already using it —this made us to understand why their businesses were growing always

We jumped into its research and training, learning all we could both from people using it in Nigeria and our training partners abroad.

Within a short period of time , the result was amazing, what we could not achieve with traditional marketing in 2 years was achieved and multiplied in just 6 months.

We are going to show you our sample results , but  First what is Digital marketing?


Digital marketing which can also be called online marketing , internet marketing or web marketing is using the internet or online tools like  Social media marketing, Content Marketing, Link Building, Email Marketing, Online Advertising (  PPC & PPV), Search Engine optimization SEO, Google search, Google my business , Google plus and Web Analytics in your marketing strategy

Let take Search Engine optimization SEO for example.

In a lay man’s terms, when people search for what you do on Google search, will your website come on the  first page of Google search result? like the example below

Digital marketing Abuja

Research has shown that 95% of big businesses now rely on digital marketing to reach new customers and keep in touch with existing ones

Why is digital marketing important to your business

The importance of marketing to any business cannot be over emphasized. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the success or otherwise of any business depends on the effectiveness of its marketing. This explains why companies spend billions yearly on marketing.

In business, the more you market your product and services the right way, the more people you reach, which leads to more sales and business growth.

Most people use unsatisfactory traditional marketing strategies in  trying to reach new customers and most at times it does  not bring in measurable result leading to business failure.

In our own case, after implementing digital marketing the right way, we discovered that results speak for themselves

Here Are Some  Of The Results of  Our Digital Marketing Strategy ( As our business appear on Google search when people search for what we do online)



digital marketing training abuja NIGERIA





Digital marketing Abuja


The above keywords have been sending amazing traffic to our business with more sales and the growth is visible and measurable

Below shows those filling a form on our website which is sent to the companies email ( this is just the result of one form among so many forms we have on our website)

digital marketing email result

Are you a business owner?  a start up?  Do you have products and services you sell as an individual?

Are you interested in helping businesses and individuals in selling and marketing their businesses?

Have you ever printed flyers , employed people to share it, and at the end of the day no reasonable result came out of it?

Have you employed marketers to move around marketing your products and services, but at the end of the day you didn’t see any tangible result?

Are you looking for a new way of promoting your  brand , advertise your products and  services ?

Have you tried to implement digital marketing in your business but with no success yet?

Then we are inviting to two weeks intensive training on how to grow your business using digital marketing

In this training we are going to show  you  practical ways to grow your business using internet marketing no matter the type of business you are doing


You will learn  how to make your business appear  on Google first page when someone searches for what you do on Google search. How to do keyword research and analysis

You will also learn practical ways of setting up Google my business, facebook for business, twitter for business and instagram  for business  and THE RIGHT WAY  to  use them to drive traffic to your business and make more sales

Don’t Joke With Your Marketing , Its The Bedrock Of Your Business

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Digital marketing has Wider Audience:

With traditional marketing,  You can only reach a local audience . Only people within your location get to see your flyers, billboards, TV ads etc. But with digital marketing, you can reach an infinite amount of audience both locally and globally. You can equally use digital marketing to target a specific audience based on age, location, gender , you can segment  your marketing and have a  wonderful result

Digital marketing is Cost effective:

Traditional platforms like flyers, billboards, radio and TV advert  etc cost a lot with little or no result . But  digital platforms like social media and blogs or strategies like Search engine optimization  are free and the paid ads aren’t too expensive compared to the traditional platforms.

Digital marketing makes what you do go Viral fast:

Digital marketing makes everything you do go viral, it could be a blog  or facebook post, tweet, etc  and with just a click on the share button it reaches people that you don’t even know. How often do leads and clients pass flyers or newspaper around? With a simple share button on your social media page, website or blog, contents are easily shared swiftly. They can go viral and reach thousands of other prospects within minutes. As they say, there is power in social media.


This is encouraged with the use of social media and blogs. You can nurture and convert leads to sales through engagement and interaction. You can also get ratings and feedback after sales which will be visible to other leads, unlike traditional marketing which is static. It doesn’t in anyway encourage customer interaction and feedback.

Digital marketing is Measurable:

This point is one wonderful thing about digital marketing, With web analytics and insights, you can measure the traffic to your website, social media page or blog. You can see in real time the number of visitors, how your posts and campaigns engage audiences, their age, gender, country, interests etc. With information like this, it makes it easy to measure and adjust your marketing campaign. In traditional marketing, it is hard or almost impossible to measure your marketing efforts because you don’t know who read your flyers or newspaper ads, watched your TV adverts or looked at billboards and posters. With traditional adverts, you are just in the dark

Level playing field:

Digital marketing will beat traditional marketing in this regard  any day —Digital marketing provides Equal Playing Field. someone who just started can beat the old schools in the game if he uses his digital marketing tools very well in Nigeria. The problem is most Nigerians business men are not willing to learn and apply digital marketing in their businesses

Small businesses using traditional marketing  find it hard to increase their exposure to their products because they have to consider the cost of advertisements. This will make them struggle to match their more illustrious and rich competitors. But with a well-structured digital marketing campaign, they just might be the next big thing in town.

Digital marketing creates room for great customer support:

Customers can easily resolve issues within minutes. They can resolve it via social media or emails or even online chat. This is more convenient than physically going to resolve it. It saves time, energy and having to queue for long hours to resolve an issue.

Digital marketing provides Unmatched Return on Investment (ROI):

This is the main advantage of digital marketing and it is a derived benefit from the other advantages mentioned above. Because with digital marketing you can avoid marketing waste by targeting the audience with high level of precision and, measure result quickly and tweak your campaign promptly to achieve optimal performance, the ROI from digital marketing is overwhelmingly superior to that of traditional marketing

Internet Marketing  is an All-Hour Based Marketing

Online  marketing is all-hour based. Your marketing campaigns run 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. You are not restrained with opening hours, neither are you to consider overtime payment for staff. Regional or international time variation/difference doesn’t affect the availability or reachability of your online advertisement  copy campaign and offer. Anytime an individual opens a computer connected to the internet, your prospective clients will  see your marketing campaign as opposed to usual traditional offline marketing. Customers search the products offered at their convenient time as long as they like – there is  no fear of closing. The users own the opening and closing hours for shopping, you just watch them come and then you convert .

No matter the business you are into, digital marketing can help you achieve great success in your marketing campaign . DO YOU WANT SUCCESS IN YOUR BUSINESS? THEN REGISTER NOW FOR THIS EYE OPENING DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING IN ABUJA NIGERIA


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