Practical Online Reputation Management Training In Abuja Nigeria

Our online reputation management training in Abuja helps individuals, celebrities, organizations and even online reputation management agencies in Abuja Nigeria to learn how to monitor, manage and control their online reputation

online reputation management training in abuja

 What is  Online reputation management (ORM) and how can it be implemented .

Online reputation management means taking control of what people who search for you or your business see on the internet –search engines, social media websites and other blog websites. Its techniques and strategies ensure that people find the right materials when they look for you online

Online reputation management is achieved using  digital marketing tools and strategies . that means that it is a subset of digital marketing training

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ORM includes managing the different search results of websites, social media engagement, online reviews and other third-party recommendations.

Evidently, the more customers will search for a company; greater will be its online reputation and presence. However, it is essential to know the different safety measures for minimizing risks and avoid bad public relations.

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It has becomes very important that individuals, celebrities and organization take control and monitor what people see on the internet about them.

There could be false news about you or your organization on the internet that you are not aware of, or your enemies can even publish wrong information about you on the internet. If not managed well  and removed ; things like this can damage your reputation

If done well, online reputation management creates balance, counteracts misleading trends, and allows you to put your best foot forward.


Why should you care about your online reputation?

we might not think that people are searching for us, but chances are that they are.

Online Reputation management has become a big “thing” for business owners, especially in the increasingly transparent digital space that we are living in. There is not much that can’t be found through a simple Google search.

Why businesses need online reputation management

online reputation management training

Managing your online reputation should be a concerted team effort. As a business owner you can’t do this alone. You need your employees to know that they are an extension of your business and that their actions, both positive and negative, reflect on your business. This holds true whether they are in the office, on the phone, or online.

Repercussions of Social Media

 Why online reputation management training for employees -Although you can’t dictate what an employee does with their private social media profiles, your employees still need to understand that any behaviors that could be deemed “offensive” or “negative” could negatively impact your business. This is especially true if employees are listing you as their employer or if their social activity sheds negative light on your office, services, or customers.

Consider this example back from 2010 that influenced social media policy for many small and large businesses.

This happened at a Domino’s Pizza when a prank video became a YouTube sensation.

Two North Carolina Domino’s employees uploaded a video where one employee put cheese up his nose while making a sandwich at work. The other employee narrated.

The video went viral and the company was humiliated.

Training your employees on things like business ethics, reputation management, customer service expectations, and social media activity related to your business are all things that you should consider having policies in place for.

How does an unhappy customer who knows he is right effect your online reputation

An unhappy customer who knows he is right can damages you reputation online without you knowing it

The concept that the customer is always right is a great long-term business practice.

When it comes to reputation, everything loops back to customer service and the overall customer experience. An unhappy, angry, or offended customers is 100 times louder online and offline than a happy customer.

Your employees need to understand that and do everything they can to ensure you have more of the latter!

Training your staff  to understand online reputation management and  put the customer experience above all other priorities is a great way to be proactive about reputation management.

If your employees are delivering consistently great service day in and day out, you won’t have to spend much time worrying about or managing your reputation. In fact. This online reputation management training in Abuja shows you how to achieve this

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The Impact of Online Reviews on your reputation

Many potential customers are using online reviews to decide between your business or a local competitor, but your employees may not realize how important online reviews are for your business.

Too many negative reviews can result in lost business opportunities. If this happens at a large scale it can actually lead to decreased revenue, profits, and ultimately a cut in available hours for your employees. This is really bad news for everyone involved.

You may not stop people , especially the angry customers from giving you a bad review, but  you can turn the negative review into a positive one if you attend our online reputation management training

If you can stress the importance of how your employees actions and customer service abilities impact your business’s reputation and revenue, then you will be one step closer to having control of your business’s reputation.

This online reputation management course  in Abuja covers the following

  • How to Plan and execute online PR campaigns from start to finish
  • Key concept –Reputation Marketing vs. Management, Good Reputation, No Reputation, Bad Reputation
  • Getting your Brand SEO right——How do you want to be seen on Google, when a search is done on your name? Making Google to say what you want the public to hear
  • Brand Keyword and competition research and analysis —Everybody has a name, when the name is mentioned , they answer, Keywords are like names, which ones does your brand come up when they are mentioned
  • How to Identify online opportunities and threats
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly side of Social Media —Understanding and analyzing how it can be a tool for good reputation and growth and at the same time a disaster that can burry your brand—How to follow industry guidelines and best practice
  • Identify how and where to monitor your brand online
  • How to Optimize Google My Business Listing and rang high on Google maps
  • Deal with online PR disasters and know how to avoid them in the first place
  • Identify and engage with online audiences
  • Use the tools and sources of information for developing successful campaigns
  • Understand the latest trends and areas to watch
  • Protecting a Reputation: when it goes wrong, crisis response –How to avoid the  temptation to delete negative review and strategies to turn them into positive review
  • Towards best practice reputation management

Who is this training meant for :

  1. Big and small Companies and organizations

  2.  Celebrities

  3. Individuals

  4. Those who wants to have a carrier as online reputation managers

As a company individual or celebrities , you will always need to filter out the complaints day in day out. Further, visualize the negative factors and provide some sort of resolution to customers. With this, issues of the customers can be solved, sooner or later

In this high-tech competitive world, constantly monitoring brand reputation stands to be a crucial part. Every company, individual or celebrity must focus on gaining positive reviews and eliminating the negative ones

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How do I become an online reputation manager in Abuja Nigeria?

Become an online reputation manager by enrolling for our Online Reputation Management Training in Abuja Nigeria. Our online reputation management training at Bizmarrow technologies Abuja helps individuals, celebrities, organizations and even online reputation management agencies in Abuja Nigeria to learn how to monitor, manage and control their online reputation.

What are the best strategies to manage online reputation in Abuja Nigeria?

The best strategies to manage online reputation is covered in our Online Reputation Management Training in Abuja Nigeria. In this practical hands on training, you will learn How to Plan and execute online PR campaigns from start to finish.

Where can I learn Online reputation management in Abuja Nigeria?

You can learn online reputation management at Bizmarrow technologies Abuja. At Bizmarrow, we offer a practical Online Reputation Management Training in Abuja Nigeria. Our students are assigned a trainer each, our classrooms are not crowed, you get 90% practical’s with just 10% theory, and our trainers are experts in the field.