This Digital Marketing Masterclass Training in Abuja Nigeria is a practical hands on training. 

We are going to show you all the digital marketing strategies and secret we have used over the last ten years to rank No.1 on Google, attract thousands of customers from social media, build an amazing brand, increase our profit 10 times over 

Ask yourself..

What is one factor that is stopping you from attracting paying customers and making the level of profit you want in your business?

What is one factor that is stopping you from getting the high paying jobs you have always dreamed of?

What is one factor that is stopping you from building that personal brand and become an influencer?

….MARKETING, BRANDING AND PACKAGING ….These have always posed a problem for many people –including you- in this digital age

>>>>> This digital marketing master class will show you how to re-evaluate and re-position your business and brand and attract paying customers using digital tools

It helps you to  position yourself to actually make money, get a well-paying job and boost any business sales and awareness faster and make higher profit

You will learn how to attract new customers and keep existing ones, build personal brand, grow businesses, build brand popularity from scratch.

Here Is The Break down Of  What You Will Get In This Digital Marketing Master Class Training In Abuja Nigeria


>Digital Marketing Fundamentals 

>Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

>Market Analysis and Feasibility Study using digital tools

>Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

>Keyword Research and Analysis

>Competition Research

>Content Marketing and blogging for a profit

>Online Advertising, Traffic and Awareness

>Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

>Web Analytics

>Google My Business

>Google search Console

>Social Media Marketing and Analytics 

>Social Media Advertising

> Training High Point– Before you run that Ad: How to use paid advertising to increase impact, influence, customer base and income

>Re-targeting and re-marketing (Hooking Technique)

>Email Marketing

>Lead Generation funnel and Understanding Customer Journey

>Video Marketing ( Creating professional videos and editing them with your phone.–Creating whiteboard Animation and explainer videos)

>Graphics Design (Creating professional Graphics and editing them with your phone for social media marketing)

>Mobile Marketing

Training High Point– Boring and obscurity in the digital age will put you out of business…….Don’t be inside water and allow soap to get into your eyes.………Practical Strategies To Take Over Your Niche Market And Overwhelm The Competition

>Certificate that is Globally Recognized and can be used to Work anywhere in the world

>We encourage all participants to come with any business / Brand or  life project they would want to work on. We will set up practical digital marketing strategy on students project and see real life results before the end of the training

Dont let your fear of failure kill your joy of growth and abundance

It’s time to take action

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Next class comes up on

Date :

–Weekdays Training :February 3rd to February 15th 2020.( 3 days in a week)

–Weekends Training: Saturdays 8th, (Saturdays each week for 5 weeks)

Fee :

N59,000 Weekdays;

N69,000 weekends



It’s time to take action

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digital marketing master class in Abuja

Learn tested and proven Digital Marketing/ Social Media strategies that  can help you grow your Business or create a personal brand that is famous and rank number one on Google search result.

Do you know that over 80% of your potential customers search online and check social media first when ever they need to buy any product or service?

It’s time to take action

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Let the truth be told, if you don’t have a good strategy to meet potential customers online and convert them to paying customers in this 21st century, then your business is losing so much money and loyal customers

In this training, we will show you with proof, that by not being online, both search engine and social media,  you are losing 90% of your potential customers. We will then show you the secret of getting customers online every day , even if you are sleeping

Why are you in Business?

The major goal of every business owner and entrepreneur is to attract more customers, make more sales and grow their business .

Why those who aim for personal brand or to become influencers want a reliable  and best way to go viral and become popular

In any case, the problem has always remained “How can I reach my ideal customers and attract more sales?

Are you searching for Jobs?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Hot-Job-Opportunities-in-Digital-Marketing.png

Here is an opportunity to learn one of the hottest job skill in the market today


Do you need a job that pays you between 100,000 to 550,000 per months

Job opportunities are every where, but most people are blind to see them BECAUSE they don’t have the necessary skills

Between January to much alone we have received 15 request from 3 different companies to supply them digital marketers.

The bad news is that we were only able to get less than 4 people that know digital marketing very well.

Learning Digital marketing skills will not just give you a job that pays well, but a job that gives you control over your time


You may not have the time to learn this, or you already have a well paying job, why not do someone you know a favor by introducing them to this training to better their future

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Yes  the economy is hard but—

Despite the hard economic situation in Nigeria, with strategic digital marketing / Social media marketing, you can attract more clients, grow your business and make more money.

Are you aware Jack Ma Founder of Alibaba made over 30,8 billion  dollars within 24hrs  for a single days sales

Now is the time to tap into this wealth and benefit from it and with you looking over a shoulder like mine. The sky is just a starting point.

Don’t be deceived

MAKING MONEY ONLINE IS REAL but the problem is that everybody wants to make money online FAST without work and most people don’t want to learn the necessary skills that can HELP THEM BUILD AN ONLINE EMPIRE

 Here is the danger

The “sharp” ones have capitalized on online get rich quick system that does not work, everyday they keep coming up with new ways to make billions online in a day without working for it.






This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is work-on-digital-marketing.png

 In our 10 years in ICT and internet marketing (Digital marketing) we have seen that for you to build an ONLINE system that consistently makes money for you…….


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is grow-your-business.png

This Digital Marketing Masterclass will show you the best way to get started in digital marketing and the strategies to follow and grow your business or to get that 6 figure salary you have been praying for

Its time to take action

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Look at our previous program pictures

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Its time to take action

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The first question most people ask is

Does my business need Digital marketing and social media marketing in particular?

Let’s put it this way: If your business has customers who use the Internet, then yes, you need Digital marketing. Facebook alone has over 2.7 BILLION active users.

Google has billions of searches from Nigeria each day

If ever there were a time when Digital Marketing /social media marketing was optional, that time is long, LONG gone.

The major reason why most people don’t make use of Digital marketing /social media  marketing to market and promote their business is because they don’t know the right way to go about it

Do you want to attract more customers, get more sales and grow your business?

Do you want to make serious sales, Dominate 2019 and make more money?

If yes, then our Intensive and Practical Digital marketing/social media Master class Training in Abuja with Certification is what you need.

This training has been designed for business professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn how to use the internet to attract more clients and make more sales

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In general this training will cover the following areas 

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

In this module, we will discuss how Digital marketing / Social media can enable individuals and organizations to grow.

You will learn various Digital marketing / Social media techniques.

Topics covered:

  • Digital marketing / Social media Terminologies

  • Key concepts of Digital marketing / Social media

  • Why you should use Digital marketing / Social media

  • Global Social Digital marketing / media Statistics

How to use Google free tools to attract more customers

In this module, you will learn how to set up Google free business tools so that Google will be sending serious paying customers to you each month from Google search in Nigeria and still send you report of how you are doing each month

This is something most Nigerians are not aware of , take a look at one of the reports Google sent to us

social media marketing training in Abuja

From the above mail, 4,177 people searching for what we do on Google found us for free, is that not amazing, you too can achieve it if you come for this training

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your business website in order to be listed by search engines like Google when people search for the products and services you offer.

Topic covered:

  • Search Engine Optimization Concept

  • Search Results & Positioning

  • Benefits of Search Position

  • SEO process

  • What you need to know about Keywords

  • Keyword Research & Selection

  • Competitors research

  • On-Page Optimization

  • Off-Page Optimization

  • How to list your business on Google first page for more clients’ attraction

If you ever wanted to start attracting traffic from search engines like Google when your potential clients search for your products and services, you need this training.

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We teach what we do, see our result on Google search result

social media marketing trainingg -Google search result

We teach what we have done and achieved wonderful result 

Go to Google and search for ” graphics design training in abuja “, we are ranking number one

Digital Marketing masterclass graphics design training in Abuja. google result

Also search for ” website design training in abuja ” we are also ranking number one there to

Digital Marketing masterclass website design training in Abuja. google result

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Intelligence & Competitors Research

In this module, you will learn how to legally spy on your competitors, know what they are doing online and dominate them with sophisticated digital strategy.

Topic covered:

  • How to conduct intelligence and competitors’ research using online tools

  • How to legally spy on your competitors and uncover their winning online campaigns

  • How to use the information from the research to your own business advantage

If you ever want to start attracting traffic from search engines like Google when prospects search for your products and services, you need this training.

Social Media Marketing

There are over 2.7 billion people using social media globally and about 25 million Nigerians are active on Facebook. It has become imperative to use Social Media. In this module, you will be learning how to use social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) to market your products and services.

Facebook Marketing:

  • Understanding Facebook Features and Newsfeed

  • How to Reach One Million People on Facebook for FREE

  • How to gain thousands of followers on Facebook

  • Understanding Facebook dashboard and Facebook insight

  • How to reach your Ideal Prospects on Facebook with your products and services

  • Understanding different types of Facebook advert and the best way to use them

Twitter Marketing:

  • Understanding Twitter Features –

  • Best way to use # and @ to make you post go viral

  • How to hijack Twitter Trends to promote your products and services to a massive audience

  • How to set up a Twitter Page that sells your brand

  • How to reach your prospects on Twitter and close more sales

Instagram Marketing:

  • Understanding Instagram Features

  • How to setup Instagram Page for your Brand

  • How to get thousands of followers on Instagram

  • How to advertise on Instagram

  • How to merge your facebook page with your instagram pages and run advert on both of them from the same account

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Module 7: Online Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

These are powerful modules packed with golden information’s you can start using right away. If you ever wished to utilize the internet for client’s attraction and business growth, this training is for you.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business Owners & CEO

  • Marketing Managers

  • Online Marketing Professionals

  • Sales Professionals

  • Individuals & Freelancers

  • Marketing Communication Managers

  • Advertising & Media Specialist

  • New & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Individuals Preparing for International Certification Program in Digital Marketing

    Register now and reserve your seat

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