ICT Empowerment Training

 Attend this ict empowerment training and you will learn how to design a professional looking website

Even if you cant attend, send someone close to you and give him or her a skill of a life time

At the end of this training,you will learn how to design a website like >www.primewestproperties.com & a

blog like >www.theenterprisemind.com.ng,

They are going to be used in class as samples.  .Only few free seats remaining .Reserve your seat before its too late

The 2017 we all having been waiting for is here and running, Think about this, immediately the year 2017 announced its arrival by 12 midnight between Saturday and Sunday it has never stopped since then, everything is set in motion, the clock is ticking

what have you done, are you still waiting, planning, looking at your resolution and goal plan without taking action?

Prove to yourself that the waiting is over and the hoping is past—that faith and action have now taken charge.

Remember this: To make progress, you must actually take action!

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There are so many opportunities in ICT that our youths can take advantage of, but because they lack the necessary ICT  knowledge like website design, graphic design and social media marketing, they are unable to take full advantage of these opportunities

The good news is that these opportunities are here with us and for us, the question is- are we going to take a good advantage of them?

Most people shy away from website design and  blogging because some one has told them how difficult it is to design a website.  A students ones told us how his friend made him to believe that he has to learn all the CODING AND PROGRAMMING before he can design a website

All these are like a baby who wants to start running before he can stand.

We present to you, a 4 weeks ICT training that will :

(1) Equip you to start building professional  website with out coding and how to market your websites and products and services to millions of people online

(2)Teach you how to set up a blog website the easy way and how to make money from it

For those that are working and wont have time during the working days, 

we have weekend training for 5 weekend 



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