Node js training in Abuja Nigeria

This Node.js training in Abuja Nigeria is a practical hands on training which will take you from beginning to advanced level

Node.js is a cross-platform runtime library and environment for running JavaScript applications outside the browser.

JavaScript has been the most popular programming language for the last 6 years. The powerful Node.js runtime environment has been ranked the technology most commonly used by professional developers. 

Node.js is an event-driven JavaScript runtime. Node has myriad potential uses for JavaScript development including being a great environment for building efficient network applications.


What is Node js

Node JS is an open source rapidly growing web server technology which enables JavaScript to be used for server-side scripting and it runs on server-side to produce dynamic webpage content. Node JS can handle many asynchronous connections with minimal overhead in just a single process. Due to having these qualities Node JS become so much popular in IT sector. Every company starts filling Node JS Developers but they want them to be updated with every latest market trends which will be beneficial for company’s wealth

This is a free and open source tool used for creating server-side JS applications.

Node js applications are written in JavaScript. This application can runs within the Node.js runtime on Linux and Microsoft Windows. This framework offers a rich library of various JavaScript modules to simplify web development process.

Why enroll in this Node js training in Abuja nigeria

Node.js is again the most widely used non-language, non-operating system, non-database tool

Similar to last year, we asked about many of the other miscellaneous technologies that developers are using. For the second year in a row, Node.js takes the top spot, as it is used by half of the respondents. We also see growth across the board in the popularity of data analysis and machine learning technologies such as Pandas, TensorFlow, and Torch/PyTorch.

Other Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools

What NodeJS Is Mainly Used For

Because node js a brilliant server-side platform for developing real-time applications, developers can use NodeJS servers to scale massively. You can effectively handle thousands of real-time requests without hardware and extra hosting services that cost astronomical amounts. Node-based applications are also fully compatible with cloud services and can be added or deleted automatically, thereby preventing application spikes in the event of a traffic surge. It’s used for projects like:

  • Chats

  • Games

  • Video

  • Big data streams without logic

It’s so powerful, fast, and scalable that even Netflix uses it to handle 15% of its global internet traffic.


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