PAY ATTENTION — This could change your life

According to the CNBC NEWS, Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate may hit 32% in the USA alone”

In Nigeria, unemployment rate is estimated to go up by at least 55% after COVID-19.

A lot of businesses will close down

How to survive COVID-19 Economic hardship; unemployment and business close down in Abuja  Nigeria and Africa

The truth is, the remaining employers will realize some roles are not relevant anymore, they will find ways to automate some processes and that means the people who used to handle those roles may be laid off. *Sacked*

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, you could be affected

Before you say God forbid, it is not my portion… Read my story 👇

Economic down times happens, but only those who get themselves ready can face it successfully

My name is EROWELE IKECHUKWU.. the CEO of Bizmarrow Computer Training school Abuja Nigeria.

Few years ago, I was working with a multinational telecommunication company in Abuja Nigeria, and was paid very well.

After the Indians bought the company, almost all the staff in the customer care were giving VOLUNTARY RETIREMENT—–Forget the grammar, we were SACKED

This brought a lot of hardship to all of us, I started wondering what I could do to put food on the table since getting another job was so difficult

After trying so many things without success, I decided to learn new skills in ICT ;

The course I learnt that made all the difference was DIGITAL MARKETING & WEBSITE DESIGN TRAINING USING WORDPRESS

As a job seeker than it put food on my table and paid the bills as I was helping company attract more customers using digital skills

After some time, we founded BIZMARROW TECHNOLOGIES and decided to go into ICT AND COMPUTER TRAINING

The skill I acquired which digital is marketing helped us to attract paying customers at an amazing rate

In fact today we rank number on Google  if you search for ICT AND COMPUTER TRAINING SCHOOLS IN NIGERIA…


There are so many bigger and even multinational ICT AND COMPUTER TRAINING SCHOOLS IN Nigeria,

But we have beaten them all to rank number one on Google SIMPLY BECAUSE I DECIDED TO LEARN A SKILL AND BE GOOD IN IT

Why am I telling this story…

Another hard time is here, if you are a business owner, learning digital marketing skill can help you to attract paying customers and keep your business running

or  as an employee, learning digital marketing can help you keep your job, or even if you are sacked or still looking for job, it can help you to become a consultant and help businesses get online and attract paying customers or you can even set up your own business like I did.

Coronavirus has even opened the eyes of many to see that having an online presence and effective digital marketing strategy is the way to go if you want to survive

No matter the category you belong, taking action is very important, and the time is now

If in the next 6-12 months something happens to your business or  job, do you have a backup plan? Do you have a skill that is in high demand that can help you to keep moving??

Since we are all at home, with all the time in the world in our hands

I have created a course that will help you learn digital marketing and website design. Through a virtual class or live online training using Zoom meetings and Teamviewer softwares

This course will give you all the secret I have used to build Bizmarrow Computer Training school and make it rank number one on Google search in the whole Nigeria


Coronavirus is here, it is n ow a certainty that most businesses will fail, some employees have already lost their job.

The action you take now that you are seated at home will determine how you will be affected

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