ETABS training For structural analysis and design of buildings

Our ETABS training is a practical hands-on , one on one training.

It offers unmatched 3D object based modeling and visualization tools skill set, blazingly fast linear and nonlinear analytical power, sophisticated and comprehensive design capabilities for a wide range of materials, and insightful graphic displays, reports, and schematic drawings that allow students to quickly and easily decipher and understand analysis and design results in residential, tall and commercials buildings


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What is ETAB

ETABS is the abbreviation of ” Extended 3D Analysis of building System“. ETABSis a product of Computers and Structures, Inc. which is recognized globally as the pioneering leader in structural engineering analysis and design software for structural and earthquake engineering

ETABS is a highly efficient analysis and design program developed especially for building systems. It is loaded with an integrated system with an ability to handle the largest and most complex building models and configurations.

  • The software has powerful CAD-like drawing tools with a graphical and object-based interface.
  • It increases the productivity of structural engineers.
  • It saves a significant amount of time and money over the general purpose programs.

ETABS provides an unequaled suite of tools for structural engineers designing buildings, whether they are working on residential building, one-story industrial structures or the tallest commercial high-rises.

Immensely capable, yet easy-to-use, has been the hallmark of ETABS since its introduction decades ago, and this latest release continues that tradition by providing engineers with the technologically-advanced, yet intuitive, software they require to be their most productive.

Why enroll in this ETABS Training

To use this powerful analysis and design package properly, one must learn it practically and very well with practices. Bizmarrow Technologies offers practical one on one and project-based training where a trainer will be assigned to you after registration.

Who this course is for:

  • Civil engineering students who wish to learn ETABS for structural analysis and design.
  • The Civil Engineers, who want to learn Response Spectrum Analysis and Response History Analysis in CAD/CA industry and the geometrical graphics of the structure to make a sensible infrastructure.
  • Civil engineering graduates who wish to pursue their careers in structural analysis and design of buildings.
  • Graduates doing a project on building design.

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