Digital Skills Women Empowerment Program Abuja Nigeria

Learn practical hands-on ICT and Computer skills for the future. The Digital Economy is here; are you prepared? 

We are raising the next generation of women in Tech

ICT and Computer Empowerment training for women in Abuja Nigeria

Why this ICT and Computer Empowerment training for women in Abuja Nigeria

 …Our visit to many IT, ICT firms and other companies using Computers in Nigeria shows that it is dominated by men, just a few ladies are found in this area of information and communication technology ICT.

Even in  the interviews, we conduct  for companies, ladies find it difficult to apply for core IT jobs like website design, Computer programming, 3D modeling and Animation, Graphics  etc

Digital Skills Empowerment training for women in Abuja Nigeria

In the last recruitment we did, Secretary /Admin officer position received the highest application totaling 1207.

ICT Empowerment training for women in Abuja

Out of this number, over 85% were women, while in some core IT /ICT positions, no woman applied

The above led to the question:-What can be done to attract more girls and women into studying IT.

Numerous structural factors can limit whether women use ICTs and how they use them,

Such as social barriers that mean women may not have the literacy skills they need,

material barriers that mean they may not have the money to learn or may not have control over their own or household finances and sometimes, some families prefer to spend more money on the male child’s education than on the female child and

psychological barriers that may mean women believe they should not or are unable to learn digital ICT and computer skills.

It is not just enough to enroll girls and women in education and training programs; it is equally important that they receive a quality education, in order to ensure appropriate learning outcomes.

The application of ICT in learning enables girls and women to have equal quality education, which leads to personal development, allowing them to manage their lives.  There is the need to instill confidence among women so that they can be as good as men in both using and improving technology.

Bridging the gender gap

The easiest way to solve the technology gender gap is by designing programmes that target girls

Closing the usage gap between girls and boys is important for the promotion of the information society. As interactions between governments and society continue to rely more on information and communication technologies ICT, it becomes crucial that the voices of women and girls are represented in the digital world.

These gave birth to our ICT and Computer Empowerment training for women in Abuja Nigeria


What will the participant in this ICT and Computer Empowerment training for women in Abuja learn?

There will be 2 options to choose from

  • Computer Literacy and Office management Training

  • Website design and digital marketing (SEO) Training

ict and computer empowerment training for women in Abuja Nigeria

Option A

Certificate in Computer Literacy and office management training for women

In the information age, we are now, computer literacy is a must and very important not just for getting you a job but also to help you keep the one you have now and remain relevant in the office environment. 

Presently, you must have basic computer knowledge and IT skills before a company will offer you a job. Even those who have jobs but lack this computer and IT knowledge run the risk of being sacked if they don’t upgrade and learn the skills

This course has been designed with two objectives in mind:

  • To make you, students/ graduates/employees/ everyone, computer-literate (that means your training starts from scratch)
  • To equip you with data processing, office management, and automation skills; a must in today’s computerized world

Course Highlights:

  • Introduces you to basic operations of a computer system, hardware, software, storage, sharing,
  • Office operation and management using ICT
  • Learn to use word processing features, perform calculations, create database and develop powerful presentations using Microsoft Office packages (MS word, excel, PowerPoint, )
  • Google Productivity Tools
  • Introduction to graphics design using Canva
  • Certified trainers
  • Structured learning
  • Additional Practice sessions

Duration 2 weeks Cost : N12,500

Option B

Website design and Digital marketing (SEO) training for women

Course Highlights:

  • Understanding website and graphics design concepts
  • Web hosting and registration
  • Website design using the content management system
  • WordPress
  • Graphics design using Canva

Duration 3 weeks Cost N16,500

This ICT and Computer Empowerment training for women in Abuja Nigeria provides a wonderful opportunity for women and girls to learn ICT and computer skills at a discounted rate

An Impactful Immersive Learning Experience At Bizmarrow Technologies

We train you to develop skills for real career growth for the digital age

Practical hands-on trainingLearn by working on real-world problems

Learn from experts active in their field, not out-of-touch trainers


Where can I learn IT skills as a woman in Abuja Nigeria?

Learn IT skills from Bizmarrow technologies, a globally renowned IT institute in Abuja Nigeria. Bizmarrow technologies provides practical hands-on ICT and Computer Empowerment training for women in Abuja Nigeria. We recognize the need to Bridge the gender gap in the ICT sector. Hence, the offers ICT, computer and office management training for women, Website design and Graphics Design training for women and Web and digital marketing consultant training for women

What is the best computer training for women in Abuja Nigeria?

The best computer training center is bizmarrow technologies Abuja Nigeria. At bizmarrow technologies, we offer ICT and Computer Empowerment training for women in Abuja Nigeria. Our training is practical hands-on with each student assigned to a trainer and you get to work on real-world problems, and at the end of your training you are issued a globally renowned certificate.

How can I learn women empowerment skills in Abuja Nigeria?

You can learn women empowerment skills by enrolling for the ICT and Computer Empowerment training for women in Abuja Nigeria at Bizmarrow technologies. You will receive a certificate at the end of each class you register for. You can add your certification to your resume and LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your skills to employers.