Now is the best time to become a digital marketing consultant. Digital marketing has become a lucrative career to pursue as more companies want to reach online uses to generate sales.

Because of this, many people want to build a career in digital marketing with the hope of making a living from it.

How to become a Successful digital marketing consultant. ABUJA NIGERIA AFRICA

But the question is, how do I build a career in digital marketing? How you become a successful digital marketing consultant?

With everything going online, digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skills for any business in today’s times. To help companies with this form of marketing, digital marketing consultants are the go-to answer.

Their goal is to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers by making use of the online world. With such online marketing experts on the rise, there is immense competition. If you too are in this profession and are looking to grow your client base, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we take you through a series of steps you can take to become a successful digital marketing consultant. But first, let’s look at what digital marketing is and the careers in digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a term used to describe all strategies used by companies to identify, build and target their online audience with the hope of making sales.

Just like traditional marketing, digital marketing focuses on the promotion of products and services. In digital marketing, you will use various online media to promote your product or service. 

Anyone who uses online platforms to reach audiences is known as a digital marketer.

Who is a digital marketing consultant and what is the role of a digital marketing consultant?

The basic definition of a digital marketing consultant is someone who is a highly skilled professional with specialist training in online marketing, who knows how to target consumers in the right ways to see the results that a business needs.

Digital marketing consultants identify the most effective ways of advertising or marketing companies’ products or services using various digital technologies. They develop customized digital marketing strategies, suggest improvements to existing strategies, and identify opportunities to increase customer engagement.

Common jobs digital marketing consultants can do include;

Content creator

Seo specialist

Content strategist

Social media manager

Digital marketing manger

Content manager.

These are just a few of the job titles that require digital marketing skills.

There are a lot of them you can build a career on. And because digital marketing cuts across various industries, you can find a digital marketer in almost all career areas.

How to build a career in digital marketing and become a digital marketing consultant?

1.Enroll in a digital marketing training course that offers practical hands-on training

This is the most important thing you will consider to build a career in digital marketing.

You have to enroll for a digital marketing course to put you through everything on digital marketing. Doing this will help you kick your digital marketing career on the right note.

There are a lot of online schools you can get courses; some of them include Udemy, Youtube,,

But it’s always better to learn digital marketing in practical hands-on training where an experienced trainer will take you by the hand and show you how to build a winning digital marketing strategy.

Bizmarrow technologies, etc. If you prefer an online class, you can try to locate a school that gives practical hands-on training on digital marketing.

To be good in digital marketing, you need a digital marketing training school that will not just train you, but that will be there for mentorship even after the training is over.

Online videos training where you just pay and watch videos will not do this for you, the better alternative if you want online training is instructor-led live online training so that you can discuss one on one with the trainer and ask any type of questions you want.

Avoid social media noisemakers who have not achieved any success in digital marketing but wants to teach you to achieve what they have not achieved

Bizmarrow technologies offer practical hands-on training, where a trainer is assigned to train and mentor you during and after your training.


2. Understand your strengths

Digital marketing covers a wide range of niches, from social media marketing to conversion optimization. As a digital marketing consultant, you first need to understand what you are best at and what you can offer to your clients. It might be tempting to list everything you’re aware of, but if you’re not able to deliver, especially for your first few clients, it could be difficult to grow your customer base. Thus, take time to understand your core strengths and start with offering those to your companies. Later on, with more experience, you can take up bigger and broader projects.

Here’s a list of some of the niches that come under digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Advertising and Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Web Analytics and Reporting
  • Business Management Skills

3. Create an Online Presence

These days, if you don’t have an online presence you may not get the job you want. The same thing applies to digital marketing; most prospective employers are mostly going to check your portfolio online to know you and what you can do. If they can’t find you there they may move to the next person.

There are many ways you can create an online presence. They include blogs, social media accounts, websites and more.

Like every other career, digital marketing is a dynamic career, it always changes. If you decided to build a career in digital marketing, you must be ready to catch up with new trends.

The world is filled with competition, if you fall behind a trend, your competitors may take your place.

You can attend seminars, classes (online or offline) and read articles written by top digital marketers to keep you informed on the latest strategies.

5. Be Creative

Like most skill-based careers, digital marketing allows you to be creative in many ways.  Though there are standard methods and strategies, you can always add your flair and make your project more unique. When you are creative, you will get more chances of being noticed.

6. Create a dynamic Resume

 This is a usual step you take before you apply for a job. You will need a winning resume that shows your skill so you can land a good job.

You can create different kinds of resumes and send them to different employers. There are online resources that will help build a good digital marketing cv.

7. let people know about you

You must let people know your skills and how they can reach you. You can do this by networking. This will help people remember you for jobs, training, etc. you can also learn from their experience and gain a contact list containing experts in the field.

8. Get Some Experience

The next thing is to get experience. One of the ways you can gain experience is by rendering free services. This is worth trying and it has a lot of benefits.

With any digital marketing skills, you can help anyone with their projects. This will give you the experience you may need before you apply for jobs.

Note: only do free jobs for a while till you are convinced you can handle projects on your own. You don’t have to stay long on this because you have to pay bills

9. Be Prepared for Jobs

No matter how much training, skills or experience you acquire, you will need a job to pay your bills. A job with huge pay may not come right away.

You may have to take up an entry job, an assistant role or any junior digital marketing role until you have proven you can take up more responsibilities and ready to work hard as a digital marketer.

Once you have attained a certain level you can move to be a digital marketing consultant for companies. But you know this takes a lot of hard work


Building a career in digital marketing and becoming a digital marketing consultant takes a lot of dedication and time but it’s worthwhile and satisfying. When you follow the right step, you will achieve success.

To be one the best digital marketing out there, you need to learn it from experienced digital marketing trainer who has success stories to show.

Like I said earlier, avoid social media noisemakers who have not achieved any success in digital marketing but wants to teach you to achieve what they have not achieved

You need a digital marketing training school that can give you practical hands-on training where an experienced trainer will take you by the hand and show you how to build a winning digital marketing strategy.

This is exactly what Bizmarrow digital marketing training offers our students.

If you want to build a career in digital marketing and become a digital marketing consultant in Nigeria we give you practical hands-on training, tools, and mentorship and help you achieve your goals faster

digital marketing training in Abuja

Bizmarrow Technologies is the best digital marketing institute you can find in Nigeria. here’s why

experienced teachers

At Bizmarrow you will be trained with the best teachers in Nigeria. Bizmarrow’s teachers have over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing field. when you enroll on Bizmarrow’s digital marketing course, you will have the opportunity to connect with them.

practical hands-on training

if you want a place where you can get practical-based training, then Bizmarrow technologies should be your choice. Bizmarrrow will train you with practicals hands-on strategies and methods of digital marketing

affordable training fees

The training fees at Bizmarrow is affordable in Nigeria based on the value you will be getting. with just a token, you will get a full-packed course with a certificate issued at the end of the course.

There also online sources like Neil Patel and MOZ where you can get offline materials to read or update yourself on the latest trends

I believe when you follow the steps laid down in this article, you will reach your goal of building a career in digital marketing and become a digital marketing consultant

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