Abuja Summer ICT and Computer Training

Practical Summer ICT and Computer Training for children In Abuja

This 2019 summer camp in Abuja for ICT and Computer training for Kids and Youths  has been designed in a practical way to teach children from scratch.

Our Summer camp in Abuja helps to give children reasons and motivate them to love ICT and learn a skill that will help them in the future

Summer ICT and Computer training for kids in Abuja

ICT and Computer skills are required and needed no matter the career someone may want in life.

Giving the young ones a strong footing in ICT and computer will not just help them in their  higher education, but will be an added advantage that will broaden the choices they make in life with more opportunities

There are classes for kids between Age 4 to 10 years, 11 Years and above in this summer ict for kid

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Which computer and ICT skills would you want your children to learn this summer period?

Don’t let your children waste at home this summer period or join summer camps that will add nothing of value to their future.  give practical Ict and computer training that will prepare them for the future

What our students  are saying

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Available summer ict for kid Training Courses

1-Basic ICT an Computer Training/Desktop Publishing for children

This desktop publishing training for kids will introduce children  to basic operations of a computer system, hardware, software, storage, sharing, they will Learn to use word processing features, perform calculations, create data base and develop powerful presentations using Microsoft Office packages (MS word, excel, powerpoint, ) They will also be introduced to graphics design using Coreldraw

Ages —-4 -15 years

Duration –3 -4 weeks

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Computer

  2. Digital Skills and Typing skills

  3. Understanding the internet

  4. online safety  for kids

  5. Introduction to word, power point, excel

  6. Coreldraw

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2 -Introduction to Computer based programming/coding

This coding program is designed to engage the creativity of our little ones by introducing them to the basics of computer science, computer hardware and software,  logical reasoning, fundamentals of Scratch and creative programming as they build their first coding projects

Ages —-5 -15 years

Duration –4 weeks

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of Computer science

  • Computational Thinking and Digital skills

  • Understanding the computer components–Hardware and software

  • Introduction to MIT App Inventor programming

  • Games, Animation and Digital Stories 

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3 –Web and Mobile app programming for kids

In this computer programming/ coding for kids, the child’s creativity will be challenged as they delve into problem-solving using technology. Students are guided by our expert instructors as they learn the structure of codes and computer programming to build mobile apps and web applications while mastering computer science concepts.

Ages 8-18 years

Duration -4 weeks

Course Content

  • Introduction to Computer Programming

  • Website design and web programming

  • Hypertext markup language (HTML)

  • Cascading style sheet (CSS)

  • Introduction to Mobile App Development using Java programming

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4-Graphics design, motion Graphics and video editing for kids

Do you know your Kids May Be The Video and  Graphic Design Experts of Tomorrow

Creative thinking is a skill that anyone can learn and use. There are plenty of graphics design tools to start  your kids to help create another generation of  creative design thinkers.

Ages 8-18 years

Duration -4 weeks

Course Content

  • Understanding design and topography

  • Corel draw

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • introduction to Adobe Premier pro for video editing

Why enroll your children in our Abuja summer camp for kids

The Summer  holidays will soon be here again. Both the short and  long summer holidays.

It is crucial that children continue their learning through summer camps in Abuja while at the same time maintaining some daily structure in their lives which will help them settle right back to a routine when they return to school.

Why attend   summer Camp Abuja in 2019? Well, simply because there has never been a more important time to learn to basic computer and ICT skills, code, game design, app development, robotics engineering, 3D printing, web design and more.

Other Courses Available in our Summer ICT and computer training for kids in Abuja Nigeria

  1. 3 D Modeling and Animation

  2. Digital Marketing

Benefits of Summer ICT and Computer Training to Student

  1. Opportunities to learn highly sort after ICT skills through a hands-on approach

  2. Opportunity to become International Certified IT Professional

  3. At the end of the training, students will be able to come up with real sample projects

  4. Free Mentorship on ICT and entrepreneurship

  5. Government Approved Certificate at the end of the Programme

Don’t let your children waste this summer holiday, give them a practical knowledge for a brighter future

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The biZmarrow  Abuja Summer ICT and Computer Training in Abuja is an annual initiative of biZmarrow Technologies Limited which is aimed at equipping our children with the necessary ICT and Computer skills for a better tomorrow. Our  CODING FOR KIDS IN ABUJA helps the young ones to develop love for the coding and programming 

While knowledge of  computer appreciation where you learn introduction to  computer, hardware and software component of computer,  Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft power point etc is a must for everybody in the 21st century.

Our 10 years experience working and training youths in ICT and computer skills has shown that there are so many other ICT and Computer skills that youths need to succeed such as   

 Php And Sql Database Training Mobile App Development Training , Website Design And Development Training  Graphics Design Training In Abuja,  Python Programming Training Abuja Digital Marketing Training Abuja Video Editing Training AbujaAnimation and motion graphics training

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