ICT and computer training from beginners to advanced

No Matter your level in ICT and Computer knowledge, we have you covered and quality  but simplified training awaits you

(1)  ICT and Computer Training for Beginners (ICTB)

ICTB -introduces you to IT literacy. It covers the basic concepts of computing and teaches how computing can be an everyday feature of life and work. It covers basic Microsoft Office computer applications and touch typing training.
If you don’t really know much about  computer but would want to learn the basic knowledge of ICT and computer system, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet, Email, etc from scratch, then ICTB is for you

(2)  ICT and computer training for employees and Job seeker (ICTEJ)

In the information age we are now, computer literacy is a must and  very important not just for getting you a job but also to help you keep the one you have now and remain relevant in the office environment . 
Presently, you must have basic computer knowledge and IT skills before a company will offer you a job. Even those who have jobs but lack these computer and IT knowledge run the risk of being sacked if they don’t upgrade and learn the skills

This course has been designed with two objectives in mind:

  • To make you, students/ graduates/employee/ everyone, computer-literate (that means your training starts from scratch)
  • To equip you with data processing, office management and automation skills; a must in today’s computerized world

Course Highlights:

  • Introduces you to basic operations of a computer system, hardware, software, storage, sharing,
  • Learn to use word processing features, perform calculations, create data base and develop powerful presentations using Microsoft Office packages (MS word, excel, powerpoint, Access, outlook )
  • Introduction to graphics design using coreldraw
  • Certified trainers
  • Structured learning
  • Additional Practice sessions

 (3) Advanced ICT, computer and office management system (AICOMS)

This course aims to provide students with advanced office management, data processing, analysis & presentation skills

Course Highlights:

  • Learn to use advanced word processing features
  • Formatting
  • Referencing
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Prepare Outputs
  • Learn advanced data analysis & solving analytical problems using Goal seeker, Solver, macros 
  • Formatting
  • Functions and Formulas
  • Charts
  • Analysis
  • Validating and Auditing
  • Enhancing Productivity
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Learn to present data in impactful visual format, use embedded links & objects, & use macros for customization
  • Presentation Planning
  • Slide Masters and Templates
  • Graphical Objects
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Multimedia
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Managing Presentations
  • Learn to send/receive email, build & use contacts/ distribution lists, create & manage appointments & create & publish a digital dashboard
  • Certified trainers
  • Structured learning
  • Additional Practice sessions

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