Teens & Kids Coding Bootcamp & Summer ICT Training For Future Tech Leaders.

If you want your kid to be among the tech leaders of tomorrow, now is the time to get them prepared

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Basic ICT and Computer Training for Kids,

Introduction to Computer-based programming/coding for kids,

Game development training for kids,

Web  design and development and coding for kids,

Robotics for kids training in Abuja Nigeria| Coding for Robotics

Drone programming training for kids

Graphics design for kids,

Video Editing training for kids

Motion graphics, and animation for kids

Available Training Packages

In our Kids Coding Bootcamp & Summer ICT Training For Future Tech Leaders, there are different packages you can enroll your kids in, you can enroll one child in more than one package to engage them throughout the summer season.

Classes run for 2 hours daily, Monday to Friday.

We have both Instructor-led online classes and Physical classes in our Abuja Center.


Robotics for kids training in Abuja Nigeria| Coding for Robotics Training

We are on the verge of a robotics revolution that will affect almost every aspect of our lives. It’s time to give your children a head start and expand their 21st-century skill set.

In our Coding for Robotics Training course in Abuja Nigeria, children will create fun projects and handle challenges with the help of our attentive instructors. Places are limited – enroll your kids today in our course “Coding for robotics” and give them the skills of the future. 



Bizmarrow Technologies does not just teach kids coding or basic computer, we help them understand technology, the basics and the future of programming, how to think digitally, how to use coding and programming to solve real-life problems. To achieve this, they need to learn from the beginning. So it does not matter the age of your kids, he needs to start from the basics and introduction if he/she has not known the fundamentals of technology and programming.

The future is digital, and if your kids don’t have digital skills, they will be left behind!—- We know you don’t want that.

In BiZmarrow Technologies, tech is an integrated part of all we do – For the past 10 years, we have offered unexpected opportunities to people. We believe that one way for us all to gain from these possibilities is to teach kids to master the basics of tech and coding, as well as encourage them to dream big and be ready for the DIGITAL AGE.

Through Teens & Kids Coding Bootcamp & Summer ICT Training For Future Tech Leaders, BiZmarrow Technologies wants to engage and inspire kids and youths to envision that they can affect the future and that technology can be a tool to find solutions we need when they grow older.

And not least, we want to give hope and confidence, in a world with lots of challenges and where kids worry about the future. To address this we also dedicate time to discuss how innovation and tech can help out when it comes to everyday problems.

No matter what you want your child to study in the university or what you want them to become in the future they need digital skills to compete favorably

It’s time to do your child a favour and let his/her imaginations and creativity run wild

Let’s teach your kids the language of tomorrow and prepare them for the digital age!

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