How to setup and manage online events, conference and webinars in Nigeria

Learn how to set up, host, and manage online event, training, classes, conferences and webinars in Nigeria

Almost all event, conferences, meetings, training, webinars etc are happening online now in Nigeria and other part of the world and we can see you want to host you event online either because of the global Covid19 pandemic causing unprecedented disruption to all industries around the world or any other reasons.

Two things we can do to make you have a great online event

setup and manage online events, conference and webinars in Nigeria

Your virtual event can be a success

We train you to set up, host, and manage your virtual/ online event and make it a success. We equally help you set up, host, and manage your online events, conference, and seminars while you concentrate on the event program 

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It’s no secret that in this day and age, everything is going digital.

Meetings, events, methods of communication — you name it, it’s all going online in Nigeria and the world at large. That said, is an online event, such as a virtual conference, something your association should consider? And if you do go that route, how do you even get started?

So many software and program for online events to choose from–CONFUSING right?

And for the fact that it may not be easy knowing how to use and manage this software so that nothing will go wrong during the event. There is need for some one who understands the technicalities to practically show you how to use them to achieve success

Covid19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption in the way we hold events, meetings and conferences.

Those working in the event sector and academic conferences will know fully well how this crisis has brought their industry to a halt, and perhaps provided an impetus for mitigating against this type of disruption in the future.

What is an online conference / Virtual Event in Nigeria?

An online conference or virtual conference takes place on the Internet. It is an interactive web site or software, where participants log on and read papers, enter discussions with other delegates and presenters, have live chat, and are able to pose questions and interact with people from all over the world. It has a similar structure to a physical conference, except that the workshops take place online

Advantages of online conferences in Nigeria?

Of course, traditional conferences mean participants have to travel and stay in a particular place. This takes time and is expensive. But because an online conference is on the Internet, participants can access the conference from anywhere in the world and can do this at any time, using standard browser software. Participants are able to log on as little or as much as they wish – before, after or during office hours. They are given a password to access the various conference workshops. Anyone with access to the Internet can participate.

We’re not saying an online conference is better than a normal, face to face conference in all areas, but it is different and has lots of advantages especially during a pandemic like covid 19:

  • cheaper – because no travel, no accommodation required;
  • more convenient – you can access it at any time you want, from anywhere with an internet connection;
  • high level of participation – typically, more people will actively participate in an online conference than in a face to face conference, and the standard of the discussions is often higher;
  • Wider spread of participants – Participants can join from any part of the world.
  • Costs-The cost benefits of hosting a virtual conference are huge. Hiring a venue can cost tens of thousands of pounds, supplying food and drink to all your delegates and support staff is not only a logistical nightmare, it can be extremely expensive. Printing and the cost of badges, signs, banners and the whole array of branded goods that are associated with academic conferences can also eat into your budget. Add on infrastructure, admin and support staff, marketing and creative costs, it’s no surprise that many academic conferences are transitioning to virtual conferences, purely for cost saving reasons alone
  • Instant scalability and control – When planning an academic conference in the physical world, numbers and space are very important. Venue space, logistics, complex budgets, catering, the number of attendees, support staff and hotel rooms must all be considered and budgeted for in your conference plan, to name a few.
    The benefit of hosting your conference online is that virtual space is infinite. With software like Zoom, your virtual conference can host as many delegates as you like, with some of their packages allowing for up to 10,000 people

Core Web Conferencing Software Features we look at before choosing for you

Before selecting your video conferencing software, we pay close attention to what the software can do.

  • Meeting Initiation. This is the capability to start a meeting as opposed to just being a meeting participant. This is very important if you’ll be hosting the online video conferences yourself.
  • Screen Share. If you want meeting participants to be able to look at what’s displaying on your computer during the web conference, you’ll need this feature.
  • Recording. The ability to be able to record your live web conference can be useful for members who can’t make your meeting. It can also serve as a record of what took place.
  • Audio.If some of your team members don’t have a webcam, you’ll want them to at least be able to take part through audio.
  • Slideshow. A slideshow can be a great way to organize the information you present during your web meeting. Consider using a slideshow template for a more professional presentations (see section below).
  • Private Chat.Private chat is the ability for several team members to communicate privately during the main meeting. This can be useful for answering questions. 
  • Video Conferencing. This feature allows video meeting participants to enable their webcams so that they can see each other during the meeting.
  • Technical Support. If this is your first time hosting a live video conference via the web, make sure the package that you select has good technical support available to help you overcome any hurdles.
  • Cost. Last, but not least, you’ll want to choose video web conferencing software that fits in your budget. The list below includes web meeting tools for a variety of budget needs including free software.

Best Web and Video Conferencing Software

Best Web and Video Conferencing Software include: ZoomBlueJeansUberConferenceMicrosoft TeamsTeamViewerGoogle Hangouts (Classic)ConnectWise ControlWebex MeetingsCisco Webex Teams, and

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How do you organize an online conference in Abuja Nigeria?

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How do you manage a conference event in Abuja Nigeria?

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Where do I learn online event in Abuja Nigeria?

The best place to learn online event in Abuja is bizmarrow technologies. At bizmarrow technologies we provide a practical hands on training for our students. Our course training on How to setup and manage online events, conference and webinars in Nigeria will take from beginning to advanced level of setting up and managing online events, conference and webinars.