Why you need Live Online Training – the importance of virtual classroom in Nigeria

Live Online training can be defined as the learning done using the e-learning platform, it is a formal and advanced way of learning.

live online learning (also known as e-learning and distance learning) is education or training that takes place over the internet.

Importance of live online training / virtual classroom in Nigeria

Over the last few years, live online training has surged in popularity.

People are generally busier and technology has made massive advances, therefore live online learning is becoming a much more attractive option when it comes to personal and professional development. 

The need for virtual classroom training cannot be over emphasized especially now that the world is conforming to a global village, Day by day we see the need for the use of the online training software like zoom and teamviewer to learn.

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 There are different tools used for the online training such as zoom software, Skype and also social media such as facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc. plays an important role in disseminating information through live online training

The importance of  live Online Training in or virtual classroom in Nigeria and Africa  are numerous, presently the whole world have been brought to a standstill by a pandemic (Covid 19), schools are closed and this has a negative impact on our educational sector because more than 90 percent of the world school use the traditional method of Training which is the classroom training,  it has crippled a lot of Educational sectors, be it as it may we do not know when this pandemic ends we pray and hopes it ends soon.

The truth of the matter is that the world will never remain the same even after coronavirus ends

The lingering question is for how long shall we remain dormant and crippled in Nigeria and Africa because we only believe in doing things the one way method or the old fashion and more stressful way

There is a way out of this; Bizmarrow Technologies introduces  live Online Training In Nigeria .Only but a few ICT Training Centers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, has all it takes to do this,  and  Bizmarrow Technologies is one of the them, ready to bridge the gap. From the comfort of your home you can learn online in courses such as Digital marketing, Video Editing and programming, Graphics , 3D modeling and Animation, data  analysis,  Accounting software,  structural, civil and architectural design software etc.

This is indeed a step in the right direction, the benefits of these live online Training or virtual classroom being offered by Bizmarrow Technologies is enormous.

  Keeping up with ever evolving learning trends can be hard, as technology continuously develops, but live online training is one way of ensuring you stay ahead of the game.

Live Online training or virtual classroom training is one of the top learning and development trends and brings many benefits to your personal development and your business.

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Importance of live online training / virtual classroom in Nigeria


 considering the fact that a lot of people who are willing to acquire some digital  skills are working class level , you can always choose a good time that best suites you.

With online training at Bizmarrow Technologies, students can progress at  their own pace. Everyone needs a different amount of time to absorb and process information, therefore, face-to-face training is unlikely to be the ideal solution for everyone. Providing the freedom of self-paced learning ensures all students get the most out of the training opportunities provided.

Cost effectiveness

The prices of the courses are very  affordable because Bizmarrow Technologies is in parthnership with DESDAI Which is an NGO aimed at Giving youths ICT  skills to give to help them in self actualization and self employment.


Everyone have their program of interest, Bizmarrow Technologies have a lot of courses from which the students can choose the one that best suits them.


 Bizmarrow Technologies Online courses are up to date. They are constantly being revised, unlike print books, to ensure that every user receives the most accurate information possible.


After completing our online course, students will receive immediate results and feedback on their performance. Users can also track their progress and revisit areas of misunderstanding before completing the assessment. Additionally, the majority of  our online training courses provide each successful user with a certificate of completion. Learners can use certificates as evidence of compliance and professional development, making fantastic additions to their CV.

Engaging material

 Our Interactive online courses will provide our students with active learning, helping to increase their retention of course material. Conversely, in long face-to-face seminars, there can be little opportunity for interaction, which can lead to students switching off and losing focus.

Easy To Enroll

Our  online programs don’t require applications like degree programs do, so students can start learning without waiting on an admissions committee to let them in and waiting for the next semester to start.  

Can Run More Than One Course At A Time

It is feasible to get multiple courses running concurrently from our online training, unlike in the conventional classroom where you do just one course at a time, our online classes allows you freedom to run multiple courses concurrently.

More interaction and greater ability to concentrate:

While contradictory evidence about the rate of online student participation versus participation in traditional courses exists, one thing remains certain: Online courses offer shy or more reticent students the opportunity to participate in class discussions more easily than face-to-face class sessions. Some students even report better concentration in online classes due to the lack of classroom activity.

Concisely the use of online training avoids some body contacts and large crowd   which in turn prevents the spread of virus, you learn safe and healthy at the comfort of your home. The best time to join our online Training is Now.Say no to procrastination and be the best of you.

Why wait any longer? Register now for your online Training at Bizmarrow Technology as there can’t be a better time than now.

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See you at the top. Cheers.

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