1. Tech is Everywhere

These days the tech industry isn’t just the tech industry. Computers and codes are everywhere. Schools, hospitals, government offices —all of these institutions rely on digital infrastructure—and that means job opportunities for the coders that speak their language.

Tech is, if anything, a varied and flexible career field, and you never know where it might take you. But you can’t get there if you don’t have the tools. Learning to code will take care of that problem. Then it’s time to sit back and watch the opportunities roll in and unfold.

7 Ways Learning to Code Can Benefit You Right Now
7 Ways Learning to Code Can Benefit You Right Now

2. Versatility is Key

In today’s tech-heavy world, the more skills the better. Take for example, you’ve found a great job in visual design and you’re a pro at Photoshop and Illustrator, but you’ve also run the tables on WordPress and PHP. Or HTML and CSS. Or Ruby and Javascript. Or all of the above.

Each of these skills makes you that much more attractive and indispensable to clients and employers. The more skills you have, the more doors will open.

3. Proceed With Confidence

Programming jobs are growing 50% faster than the job market overall and 12% faster than the market average. You know then, equipped with these skills, you’ll be ready to take the market by storm and find the job that’s perfect for you. Tech jobs are the future, and not only are they the future, but they also have perks like the possibility of remote work, flexible schedules, and higher pay

4. Make More Money

Money isn’t everything. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to make more money, right? You can find a job you love and be well compensated for doing it! Again, more money, more schedule flexibility, options to work from home or elsewhere, and a built-in boost of confidence and know-how in the industry that’s currently shaping everything around us.

5. You Can Do It!

Coding skills allow you to build the websites and applications you need to get jobs done without having to rely on others to do it for you. In a business world where websites and applications are ubiquitous parts of the landscape, your ability to do these things for yourself will increase your productivity, efficiency, and overall professional empowerment.

You’ll no longer be hunting and pecking through the WordPress admin dashboard to get the results you want—you’ll be making up your own content in HTML making things look, work, and feel the way YOU want them to. And you won’t be waiting for tech support to help you with your blog, or website, or email templates either, you’ll be in there under the hood yourself, making it happen on YOUR terms.

6. Critical Thinking is Critical

Critical thinking is a key skill for any profession but particularly in the tech field where innovation rules. Coding is the language of critical thought, as you literally use syntax and semantics to “speak” your way through problems and make ideas real. Learning to code will not only bring about the benefits directly related to coding skills, but it will help you hone your critical thinking and take you to a whole new level of problem solving.

Any professional job or career that you pursue is going to prize quick thinking and the ability to solve problems in nimble ways. Consider learning to code as an advanced course in critical thought. One that just happens to bring a truckload of concrete skills along with it.

7. The Power of Language

Multiplicity of language is so vital to business success in a global world and coding (and the languages contained under that umbrella) is no less a linguistic asset than Mandarin or Spanish. Your ability to “speak” these additional languages will give you a leg up and increase your employability regardless of what field you pursue but particularly so as you pursue a killer career in tech.

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