The world around us is changing. Changing to a tech one. Tech jobs are on the increase. There are so many reasons why being in the tech industry can be of your benefit. Listed below are ten ways that I personally believe learning how to build websites (or advanced web applications) can change your life.

10 Ways learning to build a website can change your life positively.
  1. You Earn More Even Though You Work Fewer Hours

The more tech skills and experience, the more money you make and because of this, you can work fewer hours a week and still make a reasonable amount of money.You can decide to charge per hour even

  1. You Can Reject Certain Job Offers

With a lack of job, you basically take any work you can get even if the compensation was not worth the job but as you become better in web development, this no longer becomes the issue. You can reject job offers that seem uninteresting to you without hesitations.

  1. Freedom to Make Your Own Schedule

When you work for yourself, you have the ability to create your own schedule. There definitely would still be deadline and meetings, but you always have some input over when, where and what time the meetings will hold.

  1. People Would Ask You To Work For Them

With the knowledge of web design, you don’t have to go around, looking for a job opportunity. People and Companies would come looking for you to work for them.

  1. You Never Have to Deal with the Tedious Online Job Application Process

You get to avoid the dreaded online application process, especially those ones that ask a ton of questions, involve uploading resumes and other documents, and can take a lengthy amount of time.

  1. You Have Extra Time to Pursue Interests

Along with being able to work fewer hours a week comes the opportunity to spend more time on other things: like hobbies, passions or family time.

  1. You Can Work Anywhere You Are

When you work with technology, there are more opportunities to work online, or remotely. Meaning you could be on vacation or at home and still be able to work.

  1. It Would Be Easy to Make Side Project Dreams into Reality

You probably have new amazing ideas that you’d like to act on.  Knowing how to build a website or a web app allows me to do just that, without hiring a developer. (Which also saves money)

  1. You Would be able to Participate in and Understand Technical Conversations

Knowing how to build your own stuff is awesome. But you know what else is amazing? Being able to understand technical conversations going on around you. It is very reassuring of your progress.

  1. You Will Have a Sense of Self- Accomplishment and Empowerment

Leveling up your tech skills will allow you to obtain a greater sense of self-reliance. Also, after building a website or application – even a simple one – there is always a feeling of accomplishment. You might want to learn to build websites primarily to earn money but with time, you’ll be creating websites just for the joy and self-accomplishment it brings.

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