There is recession in Nigeria, people are loosing jobs in millions, its now clear to you that learning a skill is the best way to go, so you decided to dive head first into the exciting and wondrous world of web design! You’re able and willing to drop everything and get your hands dirty right away! You can hardly stop yourself from jumping to your feet and getting creative, designing the most fabulous websites the world has ever seen! There’s just this annoying little thought that keeps niggling and nagging from out of the corner of your eye…how do you actually get started?

To simplify your start, I’m going to give you an overview of different ways how to learn web design, this can help you make a choice and get started however, you can mix and match them as much as you like. So let’s start!


  • It’s free
  • Lots of information available
  • Up to date
  • Time-consuming
  • Bits and pieces
  • No continuous structure


If you’d rather get a formal education on web design, you always have the choice to enroll at a university and study for a degree. Universities all over the world do offer classes about web design, allowing you to do a bachelor or even a master degree in this field. If you choose this option, you will be taught by professionals who know what they are doing, but keep in mind that tuition fees can be substantial. You also might run into trouble if you’re already past the age of your run-off-the-mill university student or if you’re trying to combine your studies with your job.

  • Formal education with degree
  • Taught by professional teachers
  • Structured approach
  • Expensive
  • Application process
  • Takes several years
  • Most Nigerian universities don’t have much to offer, infact practical is almost zero, and you cant be good in erbsite design without practicals


Online courses offer the benefit of having a structured course plan with not having to go out of the house for your class. There are different types of online courses, such as live teachers to skype with, courses that consist of videos and homework you have to send back or courses that are just a series of articles. Some of them are free and some of them will cost you money, so you have to decide which style you would like to go for. Make sure to check some online reviews on the course in case it’s paid, so you get value for your money.

  • Structured classes
  • No need to go out of the house
  • Possibly free
  • Study according to your schedule
  • Quality might differ
  • Possibly fraudulent
  • Learn may not continue over time
  • you may not feel your trainer and ask deep questions
  • there is no relationship between you and your trainer which help you to learn faster and better


For those who prefer to study on their own but like to have something more tangible, buying a book on how to learn web design is the solution. Except from having something to touch, page through and mark, you will also have the certainty that the content of the book was thoroughly checked before being published. As there are tons of books by loads of different authors, I recommend comparing books and reading reviews on a book-selling website such as, or just dropping by at your favourite bookstore and leafing through the books so you can find the one that is just right for you.

A recent e-book by Site Point called Wicked WordPress Themes is a great book that also allows you to make money directly from your designs.
  • Structured, approved content
  • Study at home or anywhere else
  • Mark, underline and make notes to your hearts content
  • Nobody to ask questions to
  • Content may be outdated – check publication date!
  • you are not motivated to continue
  • you may read for 3 years without having any thing to show for it


Training centres are a the best choice if you want to hit the right balance between professional teachers, hands-on experience and affordable prices. Most training centres take on students of all ages, so this would also be the right place for adult learners. As you will have face-to-face contact with your teachers, there will always be a person to ask questions to. You want to have a look for the quality of the school, which you can do by checking out their website, looking at former trainees’ work or just sending them a mail with your questions. Classes taught will consist of considerably less people than college or university classes, and most training centres will also give you a certificate after completing a class.  biZmarrow Computer training school is a good place to start with

  • Structured classes
  • Professional teachers
  • Certificate
  • Clear timeframe
  • Evening classes can be studied after work
  • there is a relationship between trainers and trainees which help fast learning
  • you will finish your training
  • since they are into website design services, they learn from hands on experience
  • you are motivated to keep learning
  • You need to invest some money
  • Your schedule has to fit the class times


An internship gives you a great possibility to gather hands-on experience in the field of web design. Whether you choose a web design agency, a web design training centre or any other place is entirely up to you and your learning aims, so make sure you know what they are before applying to any position. Some companies announce internship opportunities on their website, others don’t, but you always have the possibility to write to them or call and ask. Of course an internship period of several months gives you more time to learn and improve, but even a few weeks can help you to get a foothold in the world of webdesign.

  • Professional environment
  • Hands-on experience
  • Steep learning curve
  • You might even earn some money
  • Getting an internship position might take some time
  • Some companies require previous experience

In conclusion

So after giving you an overview of different ways to learn web design, I really hope that I was able to help you making your decision where to start. I’m sure that one of these ways is the right one for you to make a successful start in learning web design. Once you’ve started, you will see that many more possibilities will open up to you, so just kick things off and always remember: Web design is for everybody, and everybody can learn web design!


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