(Before your start reading , note that there are thousands of youths who have so much work to do, that they now reject job offers—WHAT DO THEY KNOW?, WHAT DO THEY HAVE?…You will find out as you read)

Most people are jobless and cashless today because they have refused to leave the old rule of —-go to school, study hard, get a good grade, get a good paying job and retire a successful man—-

 “school = success”

SO they go to school to get the certificate, thinking that it will automatically give them job—-

But after graduation, the success is not forthcoming

SORRY –the Equation has been rewritten

The “school = success”  is now a scam

Your certificate does not guaranty job any more, instead it turns you into a slave and job prostitute

Most youths have refused to learn new skills and develop themselves,

Its Amazing that all the youths we know who have taken time to develop themselves in skills like website design, software development, motion graphics, 3d animation etc are always busy,

Last week, a job of 100k for website design came, we tried calling any of these guys to take it up, they all rejected it because they are all busy and the owner wanted it in two weeks

Presently we have 3 of our clients who wants front desk officers/ secretaries, who know Microsoft packages very well and a little bit of graphics, those that went for the interview both graduate and none graduated failed because according to them, they can only type with Microsoft word.

Because of my work, I come across two sets of youths every week, one set is always complaining that there is no work and no money, while the other sets is always talking about the current project they are handling, and how they don’t have enough time to do all they planned to do

I tried to find out what differentiates these two sets of youths, in the two set I have seen graduates and none graduate, male and female….. so why are they different


Knowledge of practical skills is the answer,  all the members of the set that always have job have taken time to learn one skill or the other  apart from their certificate while those in they complaining team always tell you what they studied in school and nothing more.

If you ask if they have any practical skill, the answer is always no, or they are planning for it.

Some are actually in the complaining team because of lack of information and someone to guide them while some don’t just want to help those selves

Where do you belong, where would you want to be tomorrow, it’s your life and the answer is yours

But know this, you can achieve anything you want if you take action to acquire new skills today

What would you like to learn>>>

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  1. Salihu Isaac Luke says:

    I’m really interested on the training
    I want to learn how to design websites, and mobile app and other.
    please when is the training starting and the requirements.

  2. biZmarrow says:

    Hi Salihu, you can come to our office . Suite CD 2 MIB Plaza first Avenue Gwarinpa Abuja , calll 08088996437
    Thank you

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