Why it is important to learn a skill after graduating from secondary school in Nigeria

Whether you are going to work or to the university after secondary school, new graduates need to acquire certain skills that will ensure their success in any environment in the 21st century . While Communication, Self-regulation, Problem solving knowledge are important, employers and educational administrators seek computer and ICT skills that are useful in the 21st century economy.

Those that would want to start their own business also need computer and ICT skills; it is needed in building their business, making profit and growing into a big business

Computer literacy is considered a very important skill to possess for secondary school graduate in the 21st century. Employers want their workers to have basic computer skills because their company becomes ever more dependent on computers. Many employers try to use computers to help run their company faster and cheaper. Computers are just as common as pen and paper for writing and for many applications – especially communicating – computers are preferred over pen and paper because of their ability to duplicate and retain information and ease of editing.

Another common definition of computer literacy is the knowledge and skills required for basic use of computer hardware, software and the Internet. These critical computer and Internet skills are valued in today’s academic and professional environments. This leads to success in education and employment since computer skills are integral to all areas of study and work. The 3 R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic) should now also include the 3 C’s (communicating, calculating and computing) since the ability to use a computer is on the same level as reading and writing skills.

According to the Guardian, Conservative culture minister  of Britain ,  Ed Vaizey once said that  Computer skills are the grammar of the 21st century,

“We are all going to live a digital life,” he said. “Just as we write well and read well, I think that if you have even a basic understanding of computer coding, it will help you understand the structure of your digital life.”

In Nigeria today, it is becoming very difficult to get a good job even among graduates. Learning a computer skill is  one thing that will give you an edge and help you get a good job or even start your own business whether online or offline

Which ICT and computer skills should you start with.

The most important Skills you need to acquire after secondary School for Success in 21st century

There are so many ICT and computer skills out there now, choosing and starting with the right one will determine how successful you can be

While knowledge of  computer appreciation where you learn introduction to  computer, hardware and software component of computer,  Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft power point etc is a must for everybody in the 21st century.  Our 10 years experience working and training youths in ICT and computer skills has shown that introduction to website design is very important for every secondary school leaver no matter what they wants to be tomorrow.   Those that start with soft and easy to learn skills like introduction to website design; learn faster, enjoy and want to learn more kills in ICT

Most people wrongly believe that website design is difficult to learn, but the opposite is the case,

with the advance of  content movement system (CMS), you can now lean how to design a professional looking website in four or five weeks. Most of the company websites, blogs, and news websites are built with content management system like wordpress

You can learn it whether you have used computer before or not, with it you can build a website in few days and start making money, you can work on existing website from anywhere, since the back end is online. For those that will learn it before getting to the university, you have a wonderful skill in your hand which can help you make money while in the university by training your friends or building website for companies.


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